As you know, for each VEGAS Event, Rubio Long Snapping will always have a contest to earn a FREE admission to VEGAS XXIX. This year will be a little different! Here we go:

WHO: Any Long Snapper from 7th grade to second year of Junior College that would like to attend VEGAS XXIX for free.

WHATRubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXIX Gives Back!

Over the years we have seen some excellent examples of Rubio Long Snappers giving back to their community.  I want to see which Rubio Long Snappers are out there already volunteering their time, being active leaders in their community and, if you are not, why aren’t you and it is now time to get off your butts to do so!

For this contest, I would like to see which Long Snappers are involved in their local charities or actively volunteer across the world. You will need to submit a video entry, no longer than two minutes in length. Your video will have to be uploaded to YouTube with the title: Your Name, Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXIX Gives Back, 2016.

Your video entry will have to clearly state who you are, where you are, what charity or volunteer organization you are involved in, and why you are passionate about volunteering with that specific group. 

The overall focus of the video should be why giving back is important to you.  It doesn’t matter who or what you support or how you give back, just show us why and how you do!  If you pick up trash off the beach on weekends, awesome, tell us why that is important to you.  Do you hand out meals or blankets to those in need, tell us why it is you started volunteering in that specific way.  This is not a competition to see who can give back the “best”.  We just want to encourage the ENTIRE Rubio Long Snapping family to get out and volunteer.  Don’t stress or put too much thought into it and do not feel bad if you’ve been slacking, simply get up and go!

This video does NOT need to be done with high tech cameras or anything like that as simply creating an edited iMovie on your iPhone would be more than sufficient to get your point across to the Rubio Long Snapping family.

WHEN: All entries must be submitted to me by email (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping) by October 1st at noon pst.

WHERE: All across the world!

WHY: To motivate and energize the Rubio Long Snapping family to get out and help their community and those around them.  The most inspiring video entry will earn a free admission to VEGAS XXIX.

Remember, Long Snapping can take you far in life, but giving back to your community will take you even farther!

Vegas XXIX_Contest


Please Note: If you win the contest and are already registered for VEGAS XXIX, your free admission will be pushed to VEGAS XXX in May!


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