Recap of the College Camp

Overall Champion Kyle Varnell of UAB

Rubio Long Snapping held it’s annual college camp for Long Snappers either currently in a four year university or those headed to one this fall. Long Snappers from all over the map came to Tampa, FL. to train with and against the best in the world of college football.

The winner of the overall competition was Kyle Varnell of the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Kyle is a long athlete that moves very well on his feet. His ball is very smooth and catchable with excellent speed. Upside on Kyle is off the charts. He has a tremendous personality and is definitely the type of person that will be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life.


Ryan Farr of the Florida Gators was on fire Saturday and Sunday in Tampa. His form is darn near perfect and he is snapping the ball with a lot of power and agression. The thicker and stronger he gets, the better his overall power will be as he moves towards the NFL.

Steven Nixon of Mercer was excellent all weekend. He is strong, built well, moves like an athlete and is extremely consistent with his snapping. Not uncommon for Nixon to snap the ball in the .6s and right on the punter’s hip. Great overall personality and a Long Snapper the next generation could look up to.

Damon Johnson of USC (Southern Cal) was throwing absolute heat all weekend. Ball never even came close to .75 or higher. Damon is a very athletic Long Snapper that is driven to be the best in the country. Very powerful ball in short or long snaps.

Anthony Ratliff of East Carolin University was solid from start to finish with very accurate and consistent snaps to the punters and holders. Physically fit Long Snapper with great form and a smooth snap.

Logan Klusman of the Kansas Jayhawks was very sharp in Tampa. Body is maturing and he is snapping a very smooth and accurate ball. Ball can jump at the punter. The quicker his hands get at the start, the better he will be in the long run.

Jonathan Scandrett of Florida International University was throwing some very fast snaps back on both days. Listens well and has good upside. Ball could sting a punter if they aren’t paying attention. Built very athletically and once he extends a bit more, his ball will be more accurate and even quicker.

Peter Snodgrass of Northwestern looked extremely solid all weekend. Just heading into college and already looks like he has been snapping at the college level for years. Great upside and Snodgrass is definitely one to watch over the next couple of years.

Ian Lauvai of Sacramento State had a great camp. Thick and strong Long Snapper that was snapping pearls non-stop to the punters. Big fan of his demeanor and how calm he is under pressure.

Elias McMurry of Appalachian State is powerful and has done a great job transforming his body into that of a college athlete. When he gets his eyes through, he is as good as anyone in the country.

Grant Gustafson of Texas A&M probably had the most upside of any Long Snapper in attendance. He also can play tight end and he definitely looks the part. NFL frame right now and he can snap an NFL ball when he just lets it go.

Notables: Carson Tebbetts of StonyBrook, Chris Clore of the Colorado School of Mines, Wyman Baxley of South Carolina, Mike Curry of Penn State, Jackson Quiggle of NC State, Steven Wethli of Youngstown State, Aaron Blaylock of the Citadel and Kanyon Combs

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Rubio Long Snapper Nixon Commits on Scholarship!

nixon, StevenRubio Long Snapper Steven Nixon (GA, ’15) has committed to Mercer on scholarship!

Nixon has been with Rubio Long Snapping since 2012 and has never stopped improving. He is a workhorse that is built thick and strong. Great attitude on this wonderful Long Snapper.

Loved getting the text from Nixon, “Thanks for everything Rubio. I wouldn’t be the snapper i am today without you. You have taught me everything from grip to stance to shakin hands and talking to a coach. All in all, the Rubio family has successfully captured the hearts of another family. Thanks for everything. Cant wait to talk you up to every other snapper i meet “

Congratulations to Nixon and his family!


Recap Article & Video of the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in GA (March 2, 2014)

Long Snappers came out to GA to attend the Rubio Long Snapping GA Camp on March 2nd from MS, GA, FL, TN, KY, AL and OH  to get the best  Long Snapping instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field, had a film and classroom session, a recruiting seminar and ended the day with a competition with Rubio present and running the camp. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

The overall winner of the camp was Dalton Masters (FL, ’15). Dalton had an excellent day with smooth, strong snaps that were very accurate. He is, easily, one of, if not the, strongest Long Snappers in the country. He is built like a brick house and was using all of his strength very well throughout the day. He was on fire throughout the competition and was overflowing with confidence. Great overall day for Masters!

The TOP 2014 Long Snappers in attendance were…

  • Andrew Ashe (MS) was great all day long. He has a wonderful frame and an even better attitude. This Long Snapper is ALWAYS improving. He is going to make someone very happy in the future.
  • Joel Baldwin (MS)) continues to get bigger, stronger and better. He looks like a D1 athlete right now and he is snapping like one as well. Tons of confidence on Baldwin right now.
  • John Morrison (GA) has some of the best form in the country and the harder he snaps the ball, the better he will be. Great attitude and very smart.

The TOP 2015 Long Snappers in attendance were….

  • Blake Ferguson (GA) was DOMINANT all day long in GA. He is looking outstanding in every sense of the word. He is built VERY well, has great form and is beginning to truly snap with confidence. The question for Blake is how great does he want to be. LSU really won the lotto on him.
  • Liam McCullough (OH) left no doubt he is worthy of the scholarships he is already offered. He is massive, snapping the ball hard and hunting for the top spot in the country. He is just flat out good and getting better. He is a sure fire scholarship Long Snapper.
  • Travis Baugus (GA) is really coming into his own right now and the rest of his class should be on the lookout. He is snapping the ball hard and like he knows he will win sooner than later. Keep a very close eye on him in Vegas. He is good.
  • Riley Lovingood (TN) showed why Tennessee offered him a scholarship…this kid can snap. He is built very well and uses his whole body well. The lower he gets his butt, the better he will be and he is really good right now!
  • Ryan Parris (AL) had the best overall camp of his life in GA. He is getting stronger by the second and he uses all of his body when he snaps. The kid can snap some heat. The more he locks down his consistency, the higher he will go in the ranks. He looked exceptional out in GA.
  • Connor Kubala (GA) is like clockwork for having great camps with me. He is a good Long Snapper with a great, non-chalant attitude that allows him to handle pressure very well. He will do very well in college.
  • Steven Nixon (GA) had a great day in GA. He is VERY strong and used his body well. Moves extremely well on his feet and is starting to snap like I know he can. Great attitude.
  • Drew McCracken (GA) might be the most athletic Long Snapper in his class. Snaps a good, clean ball and has the ability to hit D1 speeds. Confidence and size will be key for McCracken.

Other notable Long Snappers: Hunter Womac, Matthew Coklan, Hunter Colonna, Logan Hamilton

The TOP 2016 Long Snappers in attendance were….

  • Scott Meyer (GA) left no doubt he was the best sophomore Long Snapper in his class in GA. He is built well and snapping with some great speed. Sky is the limit for him. Event Elite?
  • Josh Brady (GA) was excellent all day. He pretty much has a D1 body right now and he is beginning to snap like a college Long Snapper as well. His entire class better lock on him.

Other notable Long Snappers: Anthony Ratliff, Sean Somers, Gunter LaPrad

The TOP 2017/18/19 Long Snappers in attendance were….

    • Quentin Skinner (GA) is a 2019 Long Snapper that would EASILY start for about 90% of the varsity football teams in the country….I am not kidding. He is really that good. Every college should already have him on their radar.
    • Roen McCullough (OH) is a 2018 Long Snapper that is doing very, very well for his age. He is strong and uses his strength well. Love to see him lift up his butt and lean back a tad. Very good overall base already. Keep an eye on him.
    • Enzo Anthony (FL) is a 2019 Long Snapper with great form, a wonderful attitude and a drive to be the best. Tons of talent already in Enzo.

Rubio Long Snapping will next travel to Chicago, IL (March 30), Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

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For the full video recap of the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in GA on March 2, 2014, please watch below….