Recap of the WA Fall Camp (10/4/15)

Seattle CampRubio Long Snapping traveled to WA on October 4th for their fall camp. It was the first time Rubio Long Snapping has traveled to the Seattle area and we will definitely be back this spring and summer!

Long Snappers came out from WA, ID, CA, OR, CO and Canada to learn from the best and get the most exposure.

The overall winner of the camp was James Workman (WA, ’16). Workman was nails all day and never missed a short snap during competition. Good form and a great attitude will help him over the next couple years in college. Great athlete.


  • Den Bleyker, Johnny

    Johnny Den Bleyker

    Johnny Den Bleyker was a man among boys in Seattle. Hands have become quicker and he has no wasted movement in his snaps. UCLA got a good one.

  • Zack Jacobs is a large Long Snapper that showed good strength and potential.
  • Carter Kragero is VERY smooth and has definitely improved. Great accuracy and consistency.
  • Jack Munsey has put on some good size and is coming along nicely. Trusting his form and using his size will move him way up the charts.
  • Greg Royal has great size and tons of upside. Love the potential on this kid.


  • Andrew Toothman

    Andrew Toothman

    Andrew Toothman has been working on his form and it is paying off. Looked very solid. Increasing his athleticism will be a big key in moving up the charts.

  • Calvin Maher showed incredible accuracy throughout the day and was impressive.
  • Matt Baldeck has good power and explosion when he is snapping the ball. Needs to focus on locking down his consistency.


  • Spencer Luce

    Spencer Luce

    Spencer Luce was very impressive and has a long frame that he can put some weight on. Incredible follow through gives him great accuracy.

  • Kellen Dyer was snapping with great follow through and listened very well. Good start for Kellen.


  • James Durr

    James Durr

    James Durr has VERY good form for his age and tons of upside

  • Mike Zahara did really well in soaking everything up and not getting stressed out. Look for this kid at VEGAS XXVII.

NOTABLES: Eli Jenkins, Nick Umble, Cody Schwindt, Dakota Lepine, James Kozachenko, Jared Bacon


  • My rankings are NOT done just from The Rubio Target
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  • My rankings ARE done by me and only me. That is why they take a good amount of time. (Think of it this way, it takes MONTHS to build a Rolls Royce but only hours to build an average car)
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
  • If you would like anything added to your profile page, simply email me ( the information and consider it done.
  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

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