Recap of the GA Summer Camp (7/12/16)

10150696_968472283228902_7682949758643236322_nRubio Long Snapping traveled to Georgia on July 12th, 2016 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be back in Georgia on December 18th. You can register for that camp HERE

Long Snappers from MS, OH, GA, IL, FL, MA, TN, SC, TX, AL & VA all traveled to get the best instruction and the most exposure possible for Long Snapping.

Raymond Freeman

Raymond Freeman

The overall camp champion was RAYMOND FREEMAN (FL, ’17)! Freeman caught fire early in the day and never stopped. Came close in the accuracy contest, did well through the agility section and was outstanding in the speed competition. He left no doubt in the end that he was one of the top Long Snappers in the country.

Raymond snaps with great power and can get the ball back to the punter in under .7 very consistently. I like his size and he is moving well on his feet. The more he snaps the ball with absolute full power and confidence, the better he does. TONS of upside on this Long Snapper from Florida.

Top 2017 Long Snappers

Jacob Potter

Jacob Potter

Jacob Potter was solid all day long in GA. Very thick and strong Long Snapper with great power and very quick hands. Ball really jumps out of the gate and gets back to the punter in a jiffy. Continuing to work on his athleticism will just continue to move him up the ladder.

Quinn Stephenson is a solid Long Snapper with a good frame and a smooth snap. Ball is like butter coming back to the punter. Being quicker with his get off will push him up the rankings.

Matthew Newsome was impressive in GA. He is a big Long Snapper with good power and a nice, accurate snap. Good potential and I like his attitude. Keep a very close eye on him

Chris Clore continues to impress me with his attitude, dedication to his size and the smoothness of his ball. Driving his elbows and snapping with confidence will be huge as move towards XXIX.

Tommy Zozuz did well for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Upper body is very solid and he can get the ball back in the high .7s. Love to see him focus on not rocking to start the process and getting his lower half fully involved to gain more speed.

Matthew Smith is coming along nicely and will dominate once he gets his butt down a bit more and allows his eyes to rip all the way through to the punter.

NOTABLES: Javier King, Dillon Manning, Ben Shirley

Clay James

Clay James

Top 2018 Long Snappers

Clay James had a great day in GA. Body is thick, strong and he has great form. Really starting to lock in and get laser focused. Confidence is coming along nicely and he can catch a groove. Snapping with full power at all times is the key for James. Excellent attitude and always improving.

Cade Long was only able to participate in half the camp but still was able to show his full dominance. Ball is tight and really rips back to the punter. Continuing to put on some size and make sure he is snapping with confidence will be huge as we head into TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE.

Jarret Key was impressive in GA. Body is strong and he is smooth. Times are in the high .7s and I want them in the low .7s by XXIX. Love to see him snap KNOWING he is one of the best rather than hoping he is. Kid has very good upside and attitude.

Bryce Chason is absolutely dripping with potential. The better he handles pressure, the higher he will go. Keep a VERY close eye on this Long Snapper from GA.

Parker Lefton looked very good with his snapping (when he is snapping with full power) and his body is coming along nicely. Love his attitude.

NOTABLES: Zac Castano, Camren Wood

Quentin Skinner

Quentin Skinner

Top 2019 Long Snappers

Quentin Skinner was in attendance for half the camp but was dominant enough to show he was the top 2019 Long Snapper in attendance. Built like a brick house and can snap in the .6s when he is fully following through. Very strong Long Snapper with great form. Excited to see the future of this Long Snapper. Works hard.

Thomas Johnstone has excellent upside and definitely headed in the right direction. Built very long and has a frame that will hold another 30 lbs in the next two years. Ball is smooth and he has great form. Keep a very close eye on this kid.

Brendan Beattie was throwing heat all day in GA. Form is good and he has strong hands. Needs to really focus on locking down his spiral or the ball will be very hard to catch for the punter.

NOTABLES: Luke Payne

Zane McCracken

Zane McCracken

Top 2020 Long Snappers

Zane McCracken was easily the best 2020 Long Snapper in attendance. Zane is a long time Rubio Long Snapper and you can easily tell. Form is darn near flawless and he can already throw the ball in the .8s, which is very impressive for his age. The bigger he gets over the next four years, the better he will be. Kid is VERY good for his age or for someone a couple years older.

Eli Pyrz showed me some good upside. Love his size and how well he listens. Watch this kid over the next couple of years.

Notables: James Zurawski


  • My rankings are NOT done just from The Rubio Target and will always be announced when they are completed on social media. For summer camps, they have been promised by October 1, 2016 due to the amount of travel Rubio Long Snapping will have to do.
  • My rankings are NOT done from some mathematical formula.
  • My rankings ARE done by me and my several select member of my senior staff. That is why they take a good amount of time. (Think of it this way, it takes MONTHS to build a Rolls Royce but only hours to build an average car)
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
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  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

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