Recap of the AZ Spring Camp (4/9/17)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to AZ on April 9, 2017 for their Spring camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling the country this spring instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the 2nd biggest event of the year (the largest is our January Vegas Event), VEGAS 30!

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping will be Illinois on April 23 and Georgia on April 30th. The Georgia Camp will wrap up the Spring regional camp schedule and lead right in to Vegas 30 on May 13-14. 

This was the fifth Rubio Long Snapping regional camp that featured the RSI Testing to track a Long Snappers progress throughout the year and it was an overwhelming success. You can find out more about this new format HERE and the RSI’s from this actual camp already posted HERE

Long Snappers from AZ, TX, ID, NM, CO, CA, NE, NV all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of long snapping. 

Champion Ross Reiter with Staff Members John Finch and Matt Wigley

The overall camp champion was Ross Reiter! Ross completely dominated the entire day and became the first Rubio Long Snapper to win the speed and RSI portions of any regional camp! He broke the RSI record with an astonishing 65.22! Reiter is a machine and colleges should look at him for his snapping ability and, more importantly, his work ethic and personality. He will be an asset on and off the field for a college coach. His victory earned him a free admission to VEGAS 30 on May 13-14!

The finalists, six Long Snappers with the top RSI’s, featured Ross Reiter, Wyatt Rech, A.J. Laux, Austin Riggs, Dustin Inness, and Ethan Hudak. 

Top 2017/JUCO Long Snappers

CJ Shrimpf

CJ Schrimpf is a thick snapper from AZ and snapped the ball well all day. He was easily one of the most confident snappers at the camp and could potentially compete for a starting spot at the next level. 

Top 2018 Long Snappers

Austin Riggs

Austin Riggs might have the most upside of any long snapper in the Class of 2018. He has a tremendous frame and snaps a consistent smooth ball. He isn’t far off from shooting up the rankings in his class and I think he should compete for a Top 12 invite at Vegas 30 in May.

Morgan White is a powerful snapper that will pass any eyeball test for college coaches. He nearly won the speed competition in AZ and was consistently snapping the ball in the high .6s as the day progressed. 

Derek Hahn was one of the more accurate and all around consistent snappers at the camp. He has tremendous form and the work he’s put in privately with Rubio Long Snapping instructor Gabe Miller really showed.

Hunter Burson is a smooth and consistent Long Snapper with good upside. Body is strong with room to grow and he is smart. Great kid.

Notables: J.J. Lord, Wyatt Rech

Top 2019 Long Snappers:

Ethan Hudak

Ethan Hudak stood out as the top 2019 snapper at the AZ camp. He was extremely consistent all day long and advanced to the finals of both the speed and RSI portions of the afternoon. Tremendous upside.

Notables: Dustin Inness, John Farris

Top 2020 and Beyond Long Snappers

AJ Laux

A.J. Laux already looks the part of a college snapper. He has an outstanding frame that college coaches will love and when he get’s hot he’s tough to beat. He snaps with tremendous confidence for someone his age.


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