Recap of the GA Summer Camp (7/11/17)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to GA on July 11th, 2017 for their Summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling the country this summer instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the season and beyond!

Long Snappers from GA, TN, FL, KY, AL & MS all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of long snapping.

For the overall RSI Scores from the GA Camp, please go HERE

Overalll Camp Champ, Luke Payne and Speed Champ, Quentin Skinner

The overall champion of the camp was Luke Payne (GA, ’19). Luke caught fire late in the back and didn’t let up. He handles pressure really well and is very accurate with his snapping. Smooth Long Snapper that is coming along nicely and can snap consistently in the low .8s. Really proud of Luke and how he is progressing.

The finals were between Evan Dvorchik (42.31), JC Vega (42.25), Zach Lassiter (36.49), Quentin Skinner (36.00), Carter Short (35.53) and Luke Payne (33.75). The full finals video below…


Evan Dvorchik looked great out in GA. He continues to fine tune his body and he is leaving no doubt he can snap at the next level. Strong Long Snapper that can snap in the low .7s when he is on. I am looking forward to watching Evan snap at the TOP 12 Camp. Great attitude.

Dillon Hayes was smooth as silk in GA. His ball speed was picking up really nicely and he continues to be one of he most accurate Long Snappers in his class. Locking down his spiral is going to be huge for him in the coming months.

Camren Wood was pretty impressive in GA. He has grown and put on some good size which is helping with the speed of his snaps. He has the ability to snap in the low .7s and he has excellent form.

Notables: Michael Shible, Patrick Rahiya, Nicholas Gleaton


Quentin Skinner had a great day in GA with his very large and strong frame. He was the faster overall Long Snapper in attendance and salon one of the most athletic. Form is excellent and he simply doesn’t miss when he follows all the way through to the punter. Hard worker that is always improving. LSU got a great one in Mad Dog.

JC Vega looked outstanding in GA. Easily one of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class. When he gets fully set, he can absolutely rip the ball back to the punter. Hitting in the .6s is child’s play for JC. Consistency of snapping motion and putting on some size will be huge for him.

Christian Johnstone has an excellent frame and a very smooth snap. Ball can hit in the mid .7s and he moves well on his feet. Massive upside for Christian.

Mason Napper looked very solid in GA. He has a great body and is an athlete on the field. Starting to really come into his own and I love the direction he is headed with his excellent attitude.

William Wagner is a thick and strong Long Snapper with very good power. Locking down the consistency of his snapping motion and increasing his athleticism will push him way up the rankings. Love his attitude.

Zach Lassiter has the ability to be one of the best overall Long Snappers in his class. At times, he can absolutely rip th ball back to the punter. Moves well on his feet and listens well.

Codey Bennett has good accuracy and is a consistent Long Snapper. Pretty much locked into the mid .7s on his time and his body is thickening up well. Very good attitude.

Cade DeGraw showed great promise in GA. Strong Long Snapper that, when he is on, can easily be in the top ten in his class. Massive upside on Cade.

Cody Olszewski showed good snaps throughout the day in GA. Thick and strong Long Snapper that can hit in the .7s. Consistency of his snapping motion will help him as we progress.

Mark Fuchs showed me some good things in GA. Big fan of his attitude and upside. Extremely athletic Long Snapper that will be a factor on punt coverage.

Notables: Graham Leslie, Carson Knight, Jack Harrison, Connor Bullard


Grant Reid was the best overall 2020 Long Snapper in attendance at the GA Camp. Built long and has the ability to snap in the .7s with good consistency. Really solid upside on Grant. He has quick hands and moved well on his feet.

Jake Sayer was solid all day long in GA. His hands are very quick and I loved how well he moved on his feet.

William Long was consistent with his snaps and moved well on his feet.

Notables: Dylan Hughes, Kaleb Shottenkirk, Colby Cox, Dawson Roe


Carter Short was very solid in GA and actually made it to the finals! Ball can be very quick for his age and he has a good attitude.

Notable: Jake Putnam


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