Recap of the CA Summer Camp

Tanner Carew, Casey Hales, Jason Bertoni and Wesley Bertoni made up the CA Staff!

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to CA on July 27th, 2017 for their Summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping traveled the country this summer instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the season and beyond!

Long Snappers from OR, CA, OR, NV, PA & AZ all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of long snapping.

For the overall RSI Scores from the CA Camp, please go HERE

Speed Champion, Jac Casasante and Overall Champion, Max Nieland 

The overall winner of the camp was Max Nieland (CA, ’18). Max was solid all day long in CA and really caught fire late in the day. On the Target, in the finals, he only missed a couple of times and his misses were by inches. His accuracy is excellent, consistency is off the charts and he has an excellent attitude. Max does an excellent job of not remaining stagnant and is always improving. Very proud of Max and how far he has come with his Long Snapping.

The finals in CA were between Peter Bowden (56.76), JJ Lindsay (55.26), Matt Tokos (46.15), Max Nieland (45.32), Cruz Rubio (43.42) and Simon Samarzich (41.67). You can see the full finals video below….

– Jac Casasante was the speed champion of the day with 15 yard snaps in the low .6s! His attitude is incredible, he can run with the best of them and his ball is obviously at college speeds right now. He is going to be a great pick up for a college coach.
– Matt Tokos had a great day making it into the finals of the speed and accuracy competitions. Excellent attitude and one of the most consistent Long Snappers in his class. He is going to be a great asset to a coach on and off the field.
– Gabriel Cervantes is a long, pure athlete that is improving week to week. He is a coachable Long Snapper with excellent upside and a frame that can easily put on another forty pounds throughout college.
– Hunter Becker is a smart Long Snapper that is thick, strong and has great form. High academics make him a big pickup for the right college. Always improving.
– Morgan White has great power and the ability to really rip the ball back to the punter. I was impressed with his size and upside. Locking down the spiral and consistency will be huge for him.
– Chance Nelson is a great JC Long Snapper that runs like the wind and has solid accuracy with every ball he snaps to the punter.
– Robert Fiene is a strong and athletic Long Snapper with great upper body follow through.
Notables: Michel Heller, Jack Hughes, Jacob Mauch, Dante Mirogilo, Axel Raarup, Wyatt Rech, Mason Somerman, Tanner Williams

– Simon Samarzich is a pure athlete with great form and excellent consistency. Made it into the finals, again, and showed great snaps throughout the day. Smooth and accurate with an excellent attitude.
– Luke Rizzo looked very powerful and was snapping the ball with some solid confidence all day. When he snaps with absolute full power, he is easily one of the best in his class.
– JJ Lindsay looked extremely smooth throughout the day and left no doubt he has been working hard and smart the past couple of months. Keep a close eye on him this fall and at VEGAS XXXI.
– Jack Landherr has the ability to be one of the best Long Snappers in his class. Good frame that is strong and still has room to put on some good size over the next two years of high school.
– Dean Lau is one the purest athletes in his class. He has put on some good size and has quick hands to get the ball back to the punter with good pop.
– Peter Bowden had the top RSI of the camp and was impressive in CA. Built very long with room to put on some good weight. Form is good and he can get the ball ball back in the high .7s to low .8s. Once he makes sure he is really getting his upper body all the way through and not turning so quickly after the snap, he will dominate his class. Keep an eye on Bowden.
– Kyler Greenway looked solid with good form and consistency. Listens well and is very coachable. Good upside on Kyler.
Notables: Josiah Hirsch, Nathan Hedberg, Brian Rea, Jesse Vasquez, Nick Wade

– Kameron Hawkins continues on his path to greatness. Form is excellent, ball is clean and his hands are quick. He is now able to get the ball, consistently, under .78 and he shows no signs of letting his foot off the gas. Great Long Snapper on and off the field.
– Cruz Rubio is a big and powerful Long Snapper that can already get the ball in the .7s. Moves well on his feet and has good form. Making sure he is leaning back, following through with his fingers and keeping up with his athleticism could push him to the top of his class.
– Aaron Estrada looked very solid athletically and with his snapping. His hands are quick and that really helps get the ball out of the gate well. Estrada is a very hard working Long Snapper that will be an asset to any team he is on.
– Michael Munoz handles pressure really well and has all of the tools to be a great one. Built with good length and a smooth snap, the sky is the limit for Munoz.
– Jaden Sanchez is beyond strong and built for his age. Moves well on his feet and has one of the most powerful balls in his class. Locking down the spiral is going to be massive for Sanchez moving up the rankings.
– Cody White had a great day in CA. I thought he looked solid at the Underclassmen Invitational and he went beyond that on Sunday. Really impressed with the direction “Drago” is headed.
– Michael Tokos is beyond consistent and might be the overall quickest Long Snapper his class. I love his attitude and how the ball gets out of the gate. Getting fully set and putting on some size will be huge for Tokos.
– Tony Villarreal looked beyond smooth in CA. His ball just flies out of his hands and appears in the punters hand. I love to watch him snap and I know his punter will love catching snaps from him.
Notables: Brendan Duffy, Davis Salom, Troy Sicaeros

– Cameron Warchuck showed great speed for his age with snaps to the punter already hitting in the .7s. Big and strong Long Snapper with great upside.
– JT Greep was solid with nice form, a great attitude and consistent speeds.
– Jamie Feldermann has good form and a very accurate ball.
– Cody Allen showed great athleticism and accuracy.


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