Recap of the 2017 Fall NJ Camp

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to NJ on October 8th, 2017 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will ravel the country this fall instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the season and beyond!

Long Snappers from LA, NH, NY, CT, M, MS, VA, NC, PA, MD & NJ all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of long snapping.

Here are the RSI Scores from the NJ Camp.

The overall winner of the camp was Joe Shimko (NJ, ’19). Shimko was actually the winner of the accuracy AND speed competitions! Shimko is no stranger to being a champion in NJ as he also won both titles this past July during the summer camp. He is one of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class and he can rip the ball back to the punter. He handles pressure very well and doesn’t get fazed at all. Great upside and I love his attitude. His win earns Shimko a free admission to the VEGAS XXXI Event this January!

The finals in NJ were between Joe Shimko (42.11), John Morton (26.67), Bryan McNamara (25.81), Corbin Robertson (25.30), Dillon Hayes (25.00) and Austin Mosier (22.54).

You can see the full finals video below….

-Dillon Hayes is accurate, consistent, handles pressure well and is literally always in the mix of the finals. The bigger and stronger he gets to increase the overall speed of his ball, the better he will be with his snapping.
– Nicholas Wissinger is thick, strong and was absolutely ripping the ball back to the punter. Timed him in the .6s at times!
– Tyler Cobb is big, strong and moved really well on his feet for his size. Looks like a college athlete right now.
– Matt Gannon has great athletic ability and a tremendous attitude.
– Corbin Robertson is a big Long Snapper with extremely quick hands and great overall power. Lowering his butt and getting set will really increase his overall speed.
– Matt Macaulay showed very good upside with snaps in the high .7s and solid athleticism.

– Adam Guillemette was on fire all day and absolutely trying to put a hole in anyone that stepped in front of his snaps. Kid snaps heat, has a great attitude and great upside.
-Stephen Sokach-Minnick moved very well on his feet and can easily get in the .7s when he snaps the ball with full power. Upside is off the charts.
– Evan Davis is built like a brick house with great power and an excellent attitude. Moved really well on his feet for his size and can easily hit in the .7s.
– Brandon Hurst never stops improving and has the potential to be one of the best Long Snappers in his class.
–  Donato Crisanti continues to grow towards the sky with his height and his snapping. Smooth Long Snapper.
– Zachary Zimmerman moved really well on his feet and hit times under .8
– Austin Mosier is massive and has great upside.
– John Morton is thick and powerful solid potential. Believing in himself will be huge.

Notables: Chris Otwell, Brian McNamara, Matthew Widenhouse

– Declan McCauley is massive for his age and his great power that I can’t wait for him to unleash. Form is good and his upside is off the charts. TOP 12 at VEGAS XXXI?
– Bryce Eimer looked solid all day with good athleticism and snap speeds that can dip into the high .7s
– Jake Foggia has good form, a great attitude and is always improving.
– Elio Siragusa showed very good promise and a good attitude. Moved very well on his feet.
– Frank Lord has a good frame and showed promise
– John Bergeron is smooth and accurate with a great attitude. Student of the game and listens really well.

– Zack Taylor was very solid with times in the low .8s with his great form and smooth snapping motion.
– Rino Monteforte is beyond a student of Long Snapping, is always improving and already getting some good pop from his lower half.
– Logan Rager is built long, moved well on his feet and is very coachable.

Notables: Paul Joseph Meyers, Teddy Wardell, Brylan Noonan ___________________________________________________________________Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the world. Rubio has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, Deadspin and countless other publications.

Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world, Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.



  1. Also had one from Delaware at the camp….

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