Recap of the 2017 WA Fall Camp

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to WA on October 22, 2017 for the northwest’s fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will travel the country this fall instructing Long Snapper and getting them all ready for their season and beyond. Following WA, Rubio Long Snapping will head to CA on 10/29, TX on 11/12, NC on 11/19, GA on 12/3, AZ on 12/10, OH on 12/17 and then the Super Bowl for Long Snappers, VEGAS XXXI on January 1-15, 2018.

Long Snappers from WA, MN, CA, NV, OR, ID, CO & CAN all traveled to his camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping.

Here are the RSI Scores from the NJ Camp…

The overall winner of the camp was Kameron Hawkins. Kam is a 2020 Long Snapper from CA that was absolutely dominant all day long in Seattle. There is literally no doubt he is one of the top Long Snappers in his class in CA, and the entire country. Kam actually was the speed and RSI champ of the camp. This definitely does not happen often but was well deserved with Kam with his excellent accuracy and speeds that were sub .7 when it mattered most. 

Kameron is an absolute workhorse that continues to improve on a daily basis with his Long Snapping, attitude and athleticism. Very impressed with this kid’s drive and never slow down attitude.

The finals in WA were between Kameron Hawkins (CA, 2020), Axel Raarup (MN, 2018), Kellen Dyer (ID, 2018), Karl Von Einsiedel (Canada, 2020), JJ Lindsay (CA, 2019) and Ben Schumock (WA, 2020).

You can see the full finals video below…

Matt Tokos was an absolute machine all day in WA. He could easily have one of the tightest spirals in the country as his ball almost sticks to your hands when it hits. His snaps are quick with times easily in the .7s and his attitude is excellent. He is going to make any coach he plays for extremely happy on and off the field.

Kellen Dyer was snapping a very smooth and accurate ball that took him all the way to the finals and was about 3 inches from winning the whole camp! Dyer’s attitude is great and he works hard. The more he increases his overall athleticism and strength, the better he will be in the long run.

Axel Raarup came out on a solo trip all the way from MN and definitely did not waste the trip. Kid is VERY athletic and can rip the ball back to the punter with consistent sub .80 times. Fun to watch this kid move and snap. Great upside.

Morgan White came all the way from NV and left no doubt he has all of the tools to be a great one for his class. Thick and strong with tons of power that just needs to be pushed in the right direction.

Anthony Laveroni is 2017 Long Snapper that came out to get finely tuned to walk on to a major university this spring and he showed me that he can definitely do it. Kid has great size and has the ability to get the ball sub .80. Increasing his athleticism and confidence will be huge for Anthony.

JJ Lindsay came to the northwest from Nor Cal and represented the Sunshine state very well. This left has great form and moved really well side to side. The more he snaps with pure confidence and trusts his great form, the more dominant he will be in his class. Great kid.

James Durr is looking thick and gaining good strength throughout his entire body. Ball can dip under .80 and the more he can do that consistently, the higher up the rankings he will go. Love his attitude.

Josiah Hirsch is a thick and powerful Long Snapper that could easily be a top 10 Long Snapper in his class when he realizes just how powerful and strong he truly is.

Alex Sheehan moved well side to side on his feet and was snapping the ball with tons of force all day. If he can control the spiral and lock down his accuracy, he will dominate VEGAS XXXI. I absolutely love the oomph he puts on each and every single snap.

Gavin Gately is dripping with potential. Big, tall man with an excellent frame that a college strength coach is going to manipulate into a monster. His hands are really quick.

Neo Sather is extremely athletic and has very quick hands. Locking down his spiral and increasing the overall speed of the ball is gong to be huge.

Michael Tokos was impressive to me, and I think himself as well, all day in the northwest. It was funny to watch Tokos become more and more surprised each time he would hear his snap times as if to say “WOW! Am I really snapping the ball that fast?!?!?!?” Yes, you are Tokos and keep up the good work.

Karl von Einseidel was one of the more athletic Long Snappers in his class (and at the camp for that matter). Raw Long Snapper that crushed all the agility tests and has great upside.

Cameron Landes showed me some great footwork and that he should easily be a factor on the punt coverage team. The more he can get his upper body to get through and not up first, the faster his ball will be in the long run. Great attitude.

Ben Schumock had very quick hands and tons of upside. His snaps can easily hit sub .80 and his potential is incredible. Smoothing out his overall snapping motion is going to be huge as we head to VEGAS XXXI.

Grayson Pibal is sitting on a mountain of potential. One of the smoothest Long Snappers out there and the more he can snap with just raw power, the better he will be.

Jack Laurin was great with his athleticism and his attitude. Locking down his spiral and continuing to put on size will increase his overall snap speeds.

Notables: Joel Antush, Colin Dolynski, Dakota Lepine, Tommy Sullivan

Alec Eckert showed great promise with his very long frame. Confidence is going to be huge for Alec has he continues to progress. When he allows his strong body to just rip the ball back to the punter, he can easily get bus .80 snap speeds at 15 yards. The less Alec thinks, the better he will do in the long run. Great upside and he can be as good as he wants to be.

Devin Claridge is an intense Long Snapper with good power and balance. His upside is very solid.

Anna DeCaprio (2022) has improved a great deal over the past year as she is now very close to using all of her lower half and is beginning to trust her form more and more.

Jackson Plieth (2022) impressed me with his overall attitude and athleticism for his age.

Blake Gorski (2022) shows great promise and excellent improvement over the past couple of months.

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