Recap of the CA Fall Camp

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to CA on October 29, 2017 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will travel the country this fall instructing Long Snapper and getting them all ready for their season and beyond. Following WA, Rubio Long Snapping will head to TX on 11/12, NC on 11/19, GA on 12/3, AZ on 12/10, OH on 12/17 and then the Super Bowl for Long Snappers, VEGAS XXXI on January 1-15, 2018.

Long Snappers from CA, NV and Japan all traveled to his camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping.

The overall winner of the camp was Kameron Hawkins. Kam is a 2020 Long Snapper from CA that was just coming off a win in Seattle last week. Just like last week, Kameron was the overall champion as well as the speed champion. His confidence is building and he doesn’t look to be letting up on the gas. He left no doubt of his dominance in the finals by only hitting threes! Not to mention, every single three Kameron hit, was a pure “swish” going into the opening. It was incredible to watch as he only took three snaps total in the finals. Kameron is an absolute workhorse that continues to improve on a daily basis with his Long Snapping, attitude and athleticism. As for snapping the ball, Kameron is at the college level right now.

The finals in CA were between Kameron Hawkins (CA, 2020), Charles DeRosier (CA, 2018), JJ Lindsay (CA, 2019), Danny Dixon (CA, 2019), Hidetka Kanazawa (Japan, JC) and Aidan Livingston (CA, 2019).

You can see the full finals video below…

Here are the RSI Scores from the CA Camp…


John Aloma

John Aloma is a JC Long Snapper that is matured well with his body and mind. Snapping form is very solid and he throws some solid heat back to the punter. He has one of the smoothest and prettiest snaps in the country. He does a great job of exploding and using all of his body when he snaps.

Kyle Petrucci is a massive man that has been with Rubio Long Snapping since 2012 and it is easy to see. His form is excellent, he gets his long legs fully involved and his ball is extremely easy to catch. Very solid personality on this Long Snapper that can be snapping for many years to come.

Kyle Petrucci

Noah Howell is thick, strong and is beginning to truly snap with a lot of confidence. When Noah really lets the ball fly out of his hands, he is as good as anyone in the country.

Jac Casasante is a pure athlete that can rip the ball back to the punter. Incredible amount of power and speed on his snaps and his footwork.

Hidetka Kanazawa is a JC Long Snapper from Japan that is currently playing in the states and was impressive all day long in CA. Body is strong and he moves very well on his feet. Ball was quick and can easily hit D1 speeds.

Robert Fiene has incredible follow through and snaps a very powerful ball. His ball will punish the punter’s hands if he is not ready. Moves well on his feet.

Noah Howell

Charles DeRosier has improved well over the past couple of months and he is snapping the ball with solid power. Impressive Long Snapper with great pop on his snaps. Excellent attitude on this hard worker.

Max Nieland is looking thick and strong with solid snaps all day long. Moved very well on his feet and shows great promise to be able to snap at the next level.

Morgan White is an extremely powerful Long Snapper that can easily snap a ball in the .7s when he lets the ball fly out of his hands.

Mason Somerman has really done a good job of increasing his body mass and is snapping with solid confidence.


Nathan Weneta

Nathan Weneta was very impressive all day long in CA. His body is looking solid and he is really good on his feet. Weneta was snapping some incredible balls and left no doubt he definitely has the ability to play at the next level. Keep a very close eye on him at VEGAS XXXI.

Simon Samarzich

Simon Samarzich is easily one of the most consistent Long Snappers in the country. Every single snap is right at the D1 level and they all look the same. It is almost amazing to see Simon snap pearl after pearl after pearl. One of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class that could be doing this for a long time.

Jack Landherr has the ability to snap a D1 ball that can rip through a punter when he is on. Love his athleticism as he can absolutely fly down the field. Pure poetry when he is running on punt coverage.

Dylan Black came out from Nevada and snapped balls sub .80 all day long. He is growing well and is looking like a D1 Long Snapper with his body and snaps. Moves very well on his feet.

Jack Landherr

Aidan Livingston is a smooth and consistent Long Snapper with a ball that is easy to catch. Methodical Long Snapper with very high academics. Listens well and is coachable.

JJ Lindsay is a smooth lefty that has a ball that really pops back to the punter. Frame is solid and he has long legs that generate a great amount of power on the ball.

Gage King has a great frame and his potential is off the charts.

Danny Dixon is a thick and strong Long Snapper that did a great job in making it to the finals.

Jesse Vasquez is improving quickly and will have tremendous accuracy once both hands get all the way through to the punter on each snap.

Notables: Nicholas Peck, Justin Morris, Travis Hansen, Andrew Gonneville, Peter Bowden


Kameron Hawkins

Kameron Hawkins was simply a machine all day and is simply overflowing with confidence. Ball is at the D1 level right now, easily, and he doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. Incredible work ethic.

Jacob Garcia looked very solid at the CA camp. Body is maturing and he is getting stronger by the second. Ball is very tight and he was extremely consistent with his snap speeds that just lived at .75 all day long. Keep an eye on Garcia at VEGAS XXXI.

Tony Villarreal was snapping with great power with snap speeds consistently under .80. He has gained some good size and was impressive all day long.

Jacob Garcia

Cruz Rubio is a thick and powerful Long Snapper that moves well on his feet for his size. Cruz can easily get the ball sub .80 when he gets his eyes through and follows all the way through with his fingers. Great upside.

Aaron Estrada showed solid athleticism and quick hands that consistently had the ball under .80

Andrew Wells is a pure athlete that can run like the wind. Body is powerful and he is quick with his hands. Locking down his spiral will push Wells way up the rankings.

Cody White has a great attitude and a smooth snapping motion.

Notables: Davis Salom, Triston Hayes, Trevor Heid, Bryce Felt


JT Greep

JT Greep was very accurate and consistent all day long. Ball was smooth and he showed very good promise. Balance is solid and he handled pressure well.

Chris Kent

Chris Kent is a big Long Snapper with good speeds and a smooth snapping motion. Great attitude and excellent upside on Kent.

Notables: Jack Ritchie, Jamie Feldermann, Brendan Smith, John Mora




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