Recap of the 2017 TX Fall Camp

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to TX on November 12, 2017 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will travel the country this fall instructing Long Snapper and getting them all ready for their season and beyond. Following TX, Rubio Long Snapping will head to NC on 11/19, GA on 12/3, AZ on 12/10, OH on 12/17 and then the Super Bowl for Long Snappers, VEGAS XXXI on January 1-15, 2018.

Long Snappers from TX, KS, LA, OK, CA, MO, MS & IL all traveled to his camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping.

Here are the RSI Scores from the TX Camp…

The overall winner of the camp was Luke Rizzo. Rizzo is a TOP 12 Camp invitee that left no doubt that invitation was well deserving. One of the hottest Long Snappers from the start of the camp to the finish. Form is good and he is snapping with great power. Even his misses were simply off by minimal inches. Size is good and he is moving well on his feet. Rizzo is getting better by the second and continues to learn how to dominate.

The finals in TX were between Luke Rizzo (48.1), John Farris (47.56), Dillon Hayes (42.67), Evan Gibson (34.21), Tre Rubio (33.78) and Kuper Imrem (32.53)

You can see the full finals video below…


Karsten Battles

Karsten Battles was an absolute machine all day in TX. It is so fun to watch battles snap as he locks in and just crushes it….every single time. He has some of the quickest hands in the country and he can easily hit sub .75 on a very consistent basis. Body is looking solid and he is very determined. Just a flat out machine snapping the ball and is easily a scholarship Long Snapper.

Zach Edwards was the overall winner of the speed competition with snaps well under .70…yes, .70. His ball was picking up speed as the day progressed. One of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class. The bigger he gets, the more dominant he becomes with his snapping.

Zach Edwards

Dillon Hayes continues to find his way into the finals of each camp with his great poise under pressure and his incredible consistency and accuracy.

Jax Wilson looks like a college tight end right now and has some of the most amazing upside I have seen in years from a Long Snapper. Body is great and his potential is off the charts. When he is on, there is no one better.

Evan Gibson is looking very smooth and strong. Body is powerful and he is really starting to snap with lots of confidence. Love his attitude.

Tre Rubio was snapping a great spiral all day and had many snaps sub .75. Tre was on fire all day and looked very impressive.

Chandler Moses was snapping with great confidence, a nice frame, and some good zip on the ball.

Cole Voyles has some increadile form and a frame that is able to put on some good weight over the next couple of years.

Notables: Austin Ortega, Grayson Broussard


Luke Rizzo

Luke Rizzo was incredible all day long in TX. This is obvious as he was the overall winner of the whole camp and made it deep into the speed finals round as well. The more confidence he snaps with and the more he knows how great he truly is, the better he will be in the long run.

Braedy Wilson

Braedy Wilson is a tall drink water with upside that is off the charts. Ball is fast as he can easily be sub .75 when he lets the ball fly out of his hands. Frame is great with room to put on some good weight over the next year.

Caden Bolz came our from KS and was very solid. Ball was quick, body is thick and he has great power throughout.

Nathan Tokar is really starting to snap with some solid confidence and had no problem getting the ball under .80 on a regular basis. Every time I see Tokar he is looking more and more physically fit.

Chad Wolf is big, strong and overflowing potential. The upside on Wolf is off the charts. Good form and attitude.

Nick Stoia has good follow through and the ability to easily get the ball under .80. Smoothing out his form and becoming more and more consistent will move him way up the rankings.

David Medrano showed great upside and I love his attitude. Body is strong and he snaps a smooth ball back to the punter.

Kuper Imrem did well all day in TX and made it to the finals. The more confidence he snaps with, the better he does.

Nate McCormack did really well all day in TX. Very impressed with his attitude and how much he has improved over the last couple of months.

John Farris made it to the finals and was close to taking his talents deep into the finals. Always improving and one of the best attitudes of all the Long Snappers in the 2019 class.

Notables: Ross Arroyo, Josh Burtch, Brayden Chandler, Landon Sleeper


Blake Hooker

Blake Hooker was tremendous all day in TX and even made it very deep into the speed finals as he was one of the last three Long Snappers to be snapping. Ball is tight and he is headed towards greatness. The more he knows that, the better he will do.

Dylan Wiltcher

Dylan Wiltcher looked very solid with great snap speeds under .80 and a tremendous attitude. Dylan is good an headed towards great.

John Bergeron

John Bergeron was terrific all day in TX. Snap speeds were great and consistent under .80. Need Bergeron to not be so surprised of his greatness and except to dominate.

John Luke Roberts showed massive upside. Kid is going to be good.

Notables: Phillip Bourque, Peter Brown, Bryce Felt, Coltin Knape, Jackson McFarland, Ethan Wells, Ethan Lane


Nick Walker

Nick Walker was excellent in TX. Kid is growing like a weed and is already snapping like a Varsity Long Snapper right now. His hands are quick and he can easily get the ball sub .80 at 15 yards. Nick is headed towards greatness if he maintains this pace.

Connor Able showed great upside in TX with snaps consisntely under. 82 and a nice, long frame.

Nate Adams might have the most potential of any 2021 Long Snapper in the country. Kid is massive and looks like a college tight end right now. If he works on his form, he could easily dominate his class at VEGAS XXXI.

Grant Goltra is flat out dripping with potential and is very coachable.

Notables: JT Sleeper, Manuel Duarte, Thad Baker, Jake Eldridge

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