Recap of the FL Fall Camp (10/2/16)

Lindale Football Stadium at NightRubio Long Snapping traveled to Florida on October 2, 2016 for their fall camp and the talent there was tremendous. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling across the country this fall instructing Long Snappers and getting them ready for the biggest event for specialists in the country, Vegas XXIX. Next stop is PA on Sunday, October 9th!

Long Snappers from across the state of Florida were on hand to obtain the best instruction and most exposure possible for Long Snapping.

The overall camp champion was Oscar Shadley (FL, ’18)! Oscar was very impressive all day, snapping fast and accurate footballs through the whole morning session. He carried that momentum over to the afternoon where he reached the finals of the winner’s bracket for the accuracy competition, and was dominant in the speed competition having 5 of his 6 snaps in the .6s (and his worst was .72)! He won the camp through a dominant effort in the overall championship round. He is very well developed physically and has the confidence to play at the next level. Expect a huge performance out of Oscar at Vegas XXIX!

Top 2017 Long Snappers


Paul Lawless

Paul Lawless (FL) was the pick to win the competition after the morning session. He was very smooth all day and effortlessly gets the ball back to the punter. He has a tremendous frame, very long and can put on more weight without any issue. He uses his legs very well for how tall he is, just needs to focus on keeping his butt down when he is getting set in his stance to help his snap from going high.

Ethan Willis (FL) had a great camp and shoed a lot of promise throughout the day. He has extremely long arms and very quick hands that allow him to get the ball back very quickly. After seeing himself during the film session, Ethan started to be more conscious of his legs and needing to be more aggressive and quicker with his leg lock. Continuing to work on that as well as flexibility will be huge for him.

Top 2018 Long Snappers

Clay James

Clay James

Clay James (FL) was off the charts all day and was the winner of the winner’s bracket of the accuracy competition. His form is darn near perfect and really uses it to his advantage to snap very fast times (on top of being in the finals for the accuracy competition, he was also one of the last two in the speed competition with camp champion Oscar Shadley). Clay has the ability to be dominant when all things are clicking, and expect him to show this in Vegas XXIX.

Zach Castano (FL) really impressed through the morning and afternoon sessions. His form was extremely sound and was very accurate. Very athletic kid who moves very well and was hungry to learn everything he could about Long Snapping; was very attentive and engaged in all classroom session. Really enjoyed working with Zach and look forward to see his continued improvement.

Braxton Baker (FL) was probably one of the smoothest Long Snappers at the camp. His ball cut through the air with ease, and everything was effortless to him. Big strong athlete who needs to develop his flexibility a bit more to allow his legs to fully lock out. Once he gets the full power out of his legs, punters better watch out because the ball will be humming back.

Evan Dvorchik (FL) had a great camp. His form is almost there, and with continued focus on not popping up when he snaps will make it perfect. He snapped from very good balls throughout the day, but fine tuning his technique just the tiniest amount will make him more consistent and become very, very good.

Top 2019 Long Snappers

Enzo Anthony

Enzo Anthony

Enzo Anthony (FL) was very close to winning the whole camp. He came back through the knockout round of the accuracy competition and ended up winning the finals vs Clay James. Enzo shows tremendous upside for someone of his age. His form is so sound and he snaps such a tight spiral. As he continues to develop physically and get a little more power in his snap, he is going to be one of the top Long Snappers in his class.

Frank Melgarejo (FL) impressed all day. He is a very physically developed for his age, and with continued work will become a tremendous Long Snapper. A little work on weight distribution (sitting back at the beginning, sitting back down at the end) along with flexibility (not popping up so much as he snaps) will be monumental in his development. I know he will continue to work on those and am excited to see him continue to develop!

Griffin Kaye (FL) had a very good camp. His form is very good, and when he decides to get set, he can snap with the best of them. The six inches between the ears will the biggest hurdle for Griffin, as he needs to stop thinking so much and just get set and snap the ball. When he does that he is great.

Top 2020 Long Snappers

Jacob Zuhr

Jacob Zuhr

Jacob Zuhr (FL) is extremely talented for his age. His flexibility is off the charts, and his form is darn near perfect. He snaps a very tight spiral that cuts through the air effortlessly. Excited to see Jacob continue to develop physically as he has a very bright future ahead of him!

Clay Caldwell (FL) took some very purposeful strides in his development at this camp. He came in very raw, but his attentiveness to detail and eagerness to learn from others, he came out a very more polished Long Snapper. I know Clay will continue to take all the fundamentals and skills he learned home and will come back to his next camp a very much improved Long Snapper.


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