Is Your Son Ready for a Rubio Long Snapping Camp?

“Rubio, I’m nervous my son is not ready for your camp since he is just starting out”

“Rubio, all your camps have a ton of great Long Snappers and I don’t know if my son will be able to handle it”

“Rubio, how do I know if my son is ready for your camps?”

“Rubio, what skill level is required for your camps?

There are all very common questions that I get continuously throughout the year. The answer is simple: your child is ready. Now. Yup, now.

Here is the thing…Yes, there are many great Long Snappers at my camps, but do you know how they became great, by going when they weren’t great.

For every amazing Long Snapper you see, I can EASILY show you film of them being absolutely terrible. Everyone starts from somewhere. Like I always say, no one comes out of their mother snapping a .75. It takes time, it takes good form, it takes effort, it takes working hard AND smart. It happens. It always does.

Great example is Rubio Long Snapper Taybor Pepper of Michigan St. The first video is from 8th grade where he is, let’s just say, not really great. The second is from this past summer where he is, lets just say, phenomenal. (P.S. I could show you HUNDREDS of examples like Taybor)

Bottom line, there is no time like the present to get your kid to a Rubio Long Snapping campThe sooner I see him and get him going with the proper form, the better he will be in the long run. If he goes to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing first, I have to correct all of the mistakes then start building the form to greatness.