Recap of the TX Summer Camp (7/7/16)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to Texas on July 7th, 2016 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be back in Texas on December 4th. You can register for that event HERE.

Long Snappers from TX, LA, MS, SC, KS, OK & NM all traveled to learn from the best instruction and the most exposure drew-wise6289possible for Long Snapping.

The overall camp champion was DREW WISE (KS, ’17)! Drew was absolutely on fire all day long and was actually my horse going into the finals. Unlike many before him, the pressure of being “chosen” as the horse did not impact him and he was dominant. He barely lost the accuracy portion, came back to win the speed competition and was nails in the overall. He has great size and snaps a D1 ball right now. Consistency will be huge for him as we head into the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE camp!


jake-pagel6287Jake Pagel (TX) had a good ending to the camp. He has some of the quickest hands you will see in his class and the ball rockets back to the punter. Body is thick and he can hover in the high .6s for punts.

Caleb Cantrell (TX) was excellent all day long. He has some very quick hands and the ball really rips back to the punter. Love to see some more size on him and completely lock down the spiral. He is a very solid Long Snapper.

Reeves Blankenship (LA) had waves of brilliance in TX. When he is on, he is REALLY on. Incredible size and I love the upside on this kid from LA. Keep a very close eye on him. It is all about to click for Reeves.

Joseph Cotton (AZ) was solid in TX. Built long and has a frame that will be incredible in college. Ball can pop back to the punter. Needs to focus on not dragging the ball and making sure he is using all of his lower to get more consistent speed on the ball. Major upside on Joe.

NOTABLES: Noah Caldwell, Steven Taylor, Dominic Brocato, Jarrod Jacobson, Justyce Hankins


evan-gibson6264Evan Gibson (LA) had a great day in TX. Body is strong and he is getting bigger. Hovers right in the low .8s but it is all starting to click for him now. Keep a very close eye on Evan as we get close to VEGAS XXIX.

Hunter Burson (NM) has good form and I like his attitude. He is almost there. Listens well and is coming along nicely. He can do this.

John Raines (MS) has seemed to have found his spiral and that is going to help a lot. His hands are quick and the ball seems to just appear to the punter. Good upside.

Dillon Hayes (MS) has excellent form and is coachable. Uses his whole body well and will dominate with more confidence.

Tre Rubio (TX) has improved a ton over the past year and looks to just keep heading up. Body is getting stronger and his ball can hover in the high .7s. More athleticism and power will move him him up even more.

Karsten Battles (TX) can pass an eyeball test from 50 yards away and is absolutely dripping with potential. Very athletic and built well. CONSISTENCY will be key for Battles moving up by XXIX.

Notables: Braden Thibodeaux, Austin Ortega, Chris Logan


Hayden Hood (TX) quickly separated himself to show the TX camp that he was, by far, the best 2019 Long Snapper in attendance. Kid can fly downfield and is a definite factor in punt coverage. Hips are very solid. Form is coming along nicely and he is headed toward growth. Watch him.

Nate McCormack (TX) handles pressure very well and has great form. Starting to grow which is going to be great for him but bad for the rest of his class. Great attitude.


IMG_0526Blake Hooker (TX) has been with Rubio Long Snapping for quite some time and it is quite apparent. Form is excellent and he is already starting to separate himself from the pack. Great attitude and listens well.

Notables: Mike Gallinghouse


  • My rankings are NOT done just from The Rubio Target and will always be announced when they are completed on social media. For summer camps, they have been promised by October 1, 2016 due to the amount of travel Rubio Long Snapping will have to do.
  • My rankings are NOT done from some mathematical formula.
  • My rankings ARE done by me and my several select member of my senior staff. That is why they take a good amount of time. (Think of it this way, it takes MONTHS to build a Rolls Royce but only hours to build an average car)
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
  • If you would like anything added to your profile page, simply email me ( the information and consider it done.
  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

A Long Snapper has the ability to adjust their ranking anytime I see them LIVE, not on video.

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