Nike Spring Camp in GA – RECAP

Long Snappers came out to GA on Sunday, April 14th from AL, MS, TN, KY, CA, FL, OH, VA, TX, IL, IN and GA to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. The talent level at this camp was off the charts. Easily, the best I have seen in one location. The overall winner of the camp was Warren Wynn (FL, ’14). Wynn was extremely smooth and consistent all day long. He handled the pressure of the competition very well and outlasted Alan Lucy to bring home the title.

Other Long Snappers that were exceptional throughout the day were….

Class of 2013

Smith, Wyatt

Wyatt Smith was the best 2013 Long Snapper at the GA camp.

  • Wyatt Smith  (MS) – This JC Long Snapper is flat out fantastic. He has a D1 body and snaps D1 speeds. He is ready for college right now!
  • Gaither Barker (TN) – Gaither has improved as much as anyone I have ever worked with in the past ten years. Excellent attitude.
  • Justin Vining (GA) – Vining is strong mentally and physically. Snapping very well and continues to improve.
  • Andrew Earle (GA) – Earle is snapping with a great deal of confidence and it is paying off. He looked great out in GA.

Class of 2014

Lucy, Alan

Alan Lucy was the best 2014 Long Snapper at the GA camp

  • Alan Lucy (VA) – Came to this camp from dominating the NC camp the day before and almost won the whole thing. Proved again he is the best in his class. He could snap in college right now.
  • Andrew Ashe (MS) – Ashe looked great out in GA. Methodical Long Snapper with a ton of potential. Keep a close eye on him. Could be the sleeper of his class.
  • Casey Wilson (GA) – Easily the smoothest Long Snapper in his class. Moves extremely well. Hangs out and just snaps bullets.
  • Davis Winkie (GA) – Large man that really whips the ball back to the punter. The more control he gets of his body when snapping, the better he will be. Off the charts potential.
  • Nate Hawkins (IL) – Another great camp for Nate. He is really coming into his own. Very comfortable out there.
  • John Morrison (GA) – When he is confident with his Long Snapping, he is phenomenal. True student of Long Snapping.
  • Gray Threadgill (MS) – Getting his eyes through and his balance back will make this Long Snapper get to the next level.
  • Joel Baldwin (MS) – Very long athlete with a ton of potential. Form and attitude are very good.
  • Will-Parker Carter (KY) – WPC is snapping with a lot of confidence and it is paying off. Looking much improved.
  • Jacob Allen (AL) – Allen handles pressure extremely well. He is very coachable. Great attitude.

Class of 2015

Ferguson, Blake

Blake Ferguson was the best 2015 Long Snapper at the GA camp.

  • Blake Ferguson (GA) – Came out on a mission to get back the top spot and he finished the camp with the top spot in his pocket. Excellent accuracy, consistency and speed all day in GA. Looked like a college Long Snapper….and he’s a sophomore
  • AJ Carty (CA) – Competed in both camps during the weekend and was great at both of them. Big Long Snapper with great form. Excellent attitude.
  • Liam McCullough (OH) – Liam is getting bigger by the second. Easily has D1 body right now and, when he gets his eyes through, he easily snaps a D1 ball. Tons of upside.
  • Julian Cole (GA) – Julian improved by leaps and bounds since the last time I saw him at a camp. Definitely headed in the right direction.
  • Ryan Parris (AL) – Snapping with a great deal of confidence. Parris is looking very solid.
  • Travis Baugus (GA) – Travis has a great frame and is very athletic. Lots of potential. Great form.
  • Riley Lovingood (TN) – Lovingood is coming along nicely. Snaps the ball with good force. Fine-tuning his form will be the key to greatness.
  • Michael Poujol (TX) – Excellent frame and a fast snap make Poujol one to keep an eye on. Strong hands.

Class of 2016 and Beyond…

Skinner, Quentin

Quentin Skinner was the best 2016 and beyond Long Snapper at the GA camp.

  • Quentin Skinner (GA) – This 2019 Long Snapper is flat out fantastic for his age. Scratch that, he is fantastic for someone three years older than him. Keep a very close eye on him.
  • Josh Brady (GA) – Terrific size and very coachable. Lots of potential on Brady.
  • Scott Meyer (GA) – Big, strong Long Snapper that listens well. Tons of upside.
  • Thomas Newberg (TN) – Very long athlete that is coming along nicely. Handles pressure well.
  • Matt Swanson (GA) – Extremely strong and powerful Long Snapper. The bigger and more consistent he gets, the better he will be. Work horse.

Other notables from the camp in GA: Jacob Partridge, Clay Barton, Zach DeVore, Tim Mattus, Dalton Masters, Hunter Womac, Steven Nixon, Erik Purks, Collin Sapp, Anthony Ratliff and Lucas Patelles

Rubio Long Snapping will have its 11th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas on May 4-5, 2013!