ASK RUBIO – Favorite Airline, Mentors, Having Dinner with _______ and Which President Could Snap!

Dear Rubio…

You are a very frequent flyer, What’s the best airline to fly on and why?
-Future Pilot

-Future Pilot….
I live in a very small area with an even smaller airport that only has two airlines available: Alaska and Delta. I fly Delta A LOT and they really do a good job. Only have had two or three issues in the past two years which is impressive (probably around 300 flights). I gotta go with them and I also loved the time I flew on Virgin. It was like a club in the air. Very cool setting.


Dear Rubio….

Did you have a mentor (outside of family) who influenced your life growing up or even currently ? Also, if you could break pizza ( while washing it down with Jolie’s strawberry shortcake) with 3 people in history ( alive or dead) , who would they be and why ?
-Quinnessential Quinn in Cleveburg

Quinnessential Quinn in Cleveburg….
Not really. I soak a lot in from my friends and family. I tried to take a lot in from them since they are all such great people. I only surround myself with great people so it is easy. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Sailer since he got me going in the Long Snapping business.

Love the question about breaking pizza with some people. I would choose: my grandfather on my mom’s side because he was so funny in his own way (the man would park by hitting anything in front of him. He insisted that is what bumpers were for), Jesus just so I could ask him a ton of questions and my dad simply to ask him some questions as well (you’ll learn more about him in the movie RUBIO).


Dear Rubio…

As a history school teacher, which former President would be the best long snapper? I’d say Ford or Nixon, at least they played football. But I can see Washington or Lincoln being fine after a few Rubio camps. Maybe some dark horse, say Millard Fillmore? He was only 5’9″ so maybe not.

I would have to go with Lincoln. He was built long, had a nice frame and handled extreme pressure well. Yeah, can’t go wrong with Lincoln.



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