Where Should a Long Snapper Hit? The Rubio Zone

The Rubio Zone is EXACTLY where the Long Snapper should hit the punter for best accuracy on a punt snap. The Rubio Zone is from the punter’s mid thigh to his lowest rib and no wider than their armpits.

Anything above the lowest rib could cause the punter to turn his hand’s over which will force him to flip them back over to punt the ball. Anything below the punter’s mid thigh will cause the punter to bend and that could throw off their timing. Anything outside of the armpits will force the punter to step one way or the other.

The Rubio Zone is the perfect location and what every Long Snapper should try to hit on every single snap. Anything outside of The Rubio Zone will negatively impact your overall snap time, as well as total get off time (snap, catch and punt).



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