Recap of the IL Spring Camp (4/23/17)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to IL on April 23, 2017 for their Spring camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling the country this spring instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the 2nd biggest event of the year (the largest is our January Vegas Event), VEGAS 30!

Speed Champion, Roen McCullough and Overall Champion, James Rosenberry!

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping will be Georgia on April 30th. The Georgia Camp will wrap up the Spring regional camp schedule and lead right in to Vegas 30 on May 13-14. 

This was the seventh Rubio Long Snapping regional camp that featured the RSI Testing to track a Long Snappers progress throughout the year and it was an overwhelming success. You can find out more about this new format HERE and the RSI’s from this actual camp are already posted HERE

Long Snappers from IL, IN, MO, MN, OH, IA, UT, MI, NC, SC, WI, NV, SD, and KY all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of long snapping. 

The overall camp champion was was James Rosenberry (OH, ’18). Rosenberry is a very consistent Long Snapper that can hit in the high .6s and low .7s. Ball is smooth, crisp and very accurate. He handles pressure well and left no doubt he is one of the top Long Snappers in the country. His victory earned him a free admission to VEGAS 30 on May 13-14!

You can see the finals between Matt Hembrough, Nate Durham, Shiloh Mast, James Rosenberry, Aidan Hall and Joe Halderon below…


Matt Hembrough

Matt Hembrough was the best 2017 Long Snapper in attendance. He was absolutely ripping the ball back to the punter and his body is starting to thicken up. Oklahoma State got a good one in Hembrough as he is definitely looking ready for the college level at this point.

Nate Durham was smooth, consistent and showed great accuracy throughout the day in IL. Frame is solid and he has great form. Absolutely love to watch Nate snap when he is putting full power on the ball.

Dylan Castro is beyond smooth and left no doubt he is ready for the college level with his snapping. He has a great attitude and uses his body well. Very good upside for Castro over the next couple of years.

Shiloh Mast did very well in IL and could have ended up winning the whole thing! Attitude is excellent and so is his form. Uses his whole body well and snaps a very smooth ball.

Mario Rodrigues has improved a ton and looks ready for the next level. Form is good and he does a great job of being consistent with each and every snap.


Roen McCullough

Roen McCullough won the speed competition and has really improved a ton with his consistency. Kid snaps with a great deal of power and accuracy. He looked very sharp throughout the day and left no doubt he is one of the top Long Snappers in the country.

Ron Gaines is a massive human being that snaps a smooth ball and uses his body well. Ball hits the punter with good power and he has a solid spiral. Very good attitude and upside on Gaines.

Ross Hinders is a great Long Snapper with excellent form. He can hit in the .7s and he has solid accuracy. Quiet but does all of his talking with his snapping. He is going to do well in college.

Jesse Hooper came out from UT and did really well. He is snapping with a lot of confidence and the ball is flying well to the punter. He is a very thick and strong Long Snapper with a lot of upside.

Matt Tokos looked very sharp in IL and proved his trip from NV was worth it. He definitely impressed me throughout the day with his very quick hands and great attitude.

Michael Vinson is a large Long Snapper with a good frame and snap. Using his body well and can snap consistently in the mid .7s. Lot of upside on Vinson.

Jack Halper is one of the most athletic Long Snappers in the country. The kid can flat out fly down field and will easily be a factor on punt coverage. Consistent snapper in the mid to high .7s.

Zach Drevno is thick, strong and showed good promise. Being a bit quicker and making sure he is always going back will help in the long run. Very good attitude.

Charles DeRosier came out from CA and showed great promise. Consistent and smooth Long Snapper that hovers in the high .7s. Good attitude and potential

Turner Pallissard is an athletic Long Snapper with a good frame that can get the ball back to the punter well. Smooth on his feet and with his snapping.

Brendan Watson did well in Chicago. Very accurate Long Snapper that is always improving.

Notables: Evan Jennings, Levi McKinney, Sam Rogers, Alex Rosenbaum, Jacob Walker, Axel Raarup


Drew Little

Drew Little showed great consistency in his snaps and excellent form. His ball really pops back to the punter and his use of his body is off the charts. Hard worker that is always working to get better.

Brad George was on fire and absolutely ripping the ball back to the punters. He had no problem hitting in the low .7s and even .6s at times. George was snapping the ball so hard it was almost shocking…in a good way. Keep an eye on him at VEGAS 30.

Jude Pedrozo was very solid all day in Chicago. Good frame, great attitude and excellent form means Jude is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.

David O’Keefe had very quick hands and really got the ball out of the gate well. Thick frame and strong throughout. Very good upside on O’Keefe.

Mike Wojciechowski has great form and is snapping with some solid confidence. The bigger and stronger he gets, the better he does. Over the next two years, he will make his high school coach very happy.

Nathan Tokar has improved his frame and his snaps are looking better as well. Uses his body really well and is snapping with confidence. I really liked what I saw out of Tokar in Chicago.

Thomas Peterson was consistent and smooth with his snaps all day in Chicago. Good upside.

Dylan McCardel was a stud on his feet and snapped very well all day. Ball is quick and his ball jumps out of the gate well. Love his demeanor and he is always improving.

Hayden Snyder was consistent with his speeds and showed solid accuracy. Very good upside.

Nolan Rossback had his best day at a Rubio Long Snapping camp. He looks to be growing like a weed and using his newer frame to get more power on the ball. As he continues to grow, he should continue to dominate. Great kid.

Patrick Szczesniak looked very solid in Chicago. He has a great frame and snaps a smooth and consistent ball. Excellent upside on Patrick.

Notables: Kuper Imrem, Ethan Warren, George Walsh


Jackson Worthen

Jackson Worthen left no doubt he was the best overall freshman Long Snapper in attendance. His form is great and he snaps with great force. You can hear his hands whipping back as he snaps the ball to the punter. He is going to be excellent if he keeps going at this pace.

Christo Kelly showed great upside and promise. Nice frame and he can get in the low .8s when he is on.

David Boan is a monster for his age and is headed towards greatness. Form is good and he has the potential to completely dominate his class over the next couple of years.

Michael Bastuga has good form, a great attitude and tons of upside. The bigger and stronger he gets, the better he will become over the next couple of years.

Jaden Mueller is a smooth Long Snapper with good upside. Good consistency of speed.

Notables: Nick Walker, Nick Love, Andrew Boan, Andrew Gorman


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