Recap of the IL Fall Camp (9/25/16)

ChicagoRubio Long Snapping traveled to Illinois on September 25th, 2016 for their fall camp and the talent did not disappoint. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling the country this fall instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the biggest event of the year, VEGAS XXIX!

Long Snappers from IN, TN, MI NE, WI, MO, MN, KS & IL all traveled to get the best instruction and the most exposure possible for Long Snapping.


Nate Durham

The overall camp champion was Nate Durham (IL, ’17)! Nate was exceptional all day long with smooth, consistent snaps and some good speed on the ball. Very accurate and consistent with snaps locked in the .7s all day long. Body is solid and he is snapping with some solid confidence. Very impressed with Nate as he was down in the final against Ryan Langan and fought back to win the championship and earn a free admission to VEGAS XXIX!

You can actually watch the finals between Nate Durham and Ryan Langan HERE on Periscope.

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping will be FL next week with PA following one week later.

Top 2017 Long Snappers


Joe Calcagno

Joe Calcagno was a machine all day long in Chicago. The Penn St. commit is a VERY strong Long Snapper with great power and excellent form. He is snapping with great confidence and is looking ready for the next level sooner than later.

Zach Appio got VERY hot throughout the day and was snapping very fast balls in the speed competition. Snapping with confidence and looked really good all day.

Dylan Castro is EASILY one of the smoothest Long Snappers in the country and is just always on point. Quiet and dominant Long Snapper. Really snapping with good power right now on the ball.

Ryan Langan won the speed competition and snaps a really powerful ball that crushes the punter. When he is on, he can hit in the high .6s. TONS of potential on this NE Long Snapper.

Chaz Satnan is a monster on the field and one of the most improved Long Snappers in the past year. The more he improves his athleticism, the better he is. Smooooooooth Long Snapper.

img_0864Drew Wise can be one of the best Long Snappers, easily, in the country when he is on. Being consistent and letting the ball fly out of his hands will help a ton in the long run. Upside is off the charts for Wise.

Erik Abrell is beyond smooth and looked great in IL. Body is solid and he snaps with power.

Matt Hembrough is a VERY athletic Long Snapper with a frame that a college coach is going to love. Rooms for some good weight and he has great form. Love his attitude.

NOTABLES: Tanner Curry, Grant Higgins

Top 2018 Long Snappers


Trey Corley

Trey Corley caught fire several times in IL. Frame is very solid and he can pass an eyeball test right now. When he is on, he is REALLY on. Once he gets his eyes through, he will dominate. He could be an absolute monster at VEGAS XXIX.

Ron Gaines was really impressive in Chicago. He has done a great job working on his body and becoming more of an athletic Long Snapper.

Michael Vinson is a large Long Snapper with good power and the ability to snap in the .7s on punts. Love to see him focus on confidence and just letting the ball fly out of his hands.

Brendan Watson can snap a ball very quickly and once he locks down the spiral, he will dominate. He has a couple months until VEGAS XXIX, so he can easily make the fixes to dominate there.

NOTABLES: Bryce Bouwens, Jack Mullen, Alex Rosenbaum, DJ Shefland, Ryan Walsh

Top 2019 Long Snappers


Patrick Szczesniak

Patrick Szczesniak has a very long, athletic frame with room to put on some good weight over the next couple of years.

Drew Little has great form and snaps a really nice ball. His punter must love him now and his future coaches will love him for his accuracy and consistency.

Brad George snaps the ball with some great power and VERY quick hands. Needs to lock down the spiral prior to VEGAS XXIX to really dominate.

NOTABLES: Charles Gambs, Logan Johnson, Nolan Rossback, Nathan Tokar, Charlie Burr, Kuper Imrem

Top 2020 Long Snappers

David Boan

David Boan

David Boan is on the verge of being one of the greats. Keeping focus on his form and making sure he is continuing on this path will make for a fun journey.

Christo Kelly was impressive in IL with good overall snap speeds and a solid upside.

Ethan Jones was snapping the ball with some good form and a solid attitude.

NOTABLES: Michael Bastuga


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