IL Summer Camp Recap

Long Snappers came out on July 13 to attend the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in IL from WI, KY, NE, MI, OH, IN, IA, CAMO, NC, RI, NJ, FL, CO and IL to get the best  Long Snapping instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field, had a film and classroom session, a recruiting seminar and ended the day with a competition with Rubio present and running the camp. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

This was a camp where college Long Snappers could come out to get instruction and assist with the camp, and they did not disappoint. College Long Snappers that were present and got better were: Taybor Pepper of Michigan St, Nick Monaghan of Missouri, Seth Combs of Illinois St. Nate Hawkins of Navy, Reid Buckingham of Emporia St, Wyatt Pfeifer of Western Michigan, Josh Appel of Indiana St, John Wirtel of Kansas, Scott Daly of Notre Dame, Will Henrichs of Olivet Nazarene, Greg Hohenstein of Bowling Green St and Nathan Gibbs of Youngstown St.

CALCAGNO, JOEThe overall winner of the camp was Joe Calcagno (IL, ’17). Calcagno did very well throughout the entire day of camp. When he gets his body set up in the right direction and snaps the ball hard, he will be very hard to beat. Thick and strong Long Snapper with a lot of upside. Very good attitude and handles pressure well. Keep an eye out for Calcagno in the future.

To see videos and pictures of the Long Snappers below, please go to



  • Ben Makowski (IN) was phenomenal all day long. Great size and attitude. The Purdue commit showed he is definitely worth a scholarship and the Boilermakers are lucky to get him. All around great human being.
  • Hunter Varga
  • Owen Gilbert
  • Zach Wood
  • Jake Knight
  • Chase Urbach
  • Harley Whitehouse
  • Tommy Merickel
  • Brendan Lowery



  • John Shannon (IL) left no doubt he is the best Long Snapper in his class. He is strong and snaps the ball as hard as anyone I have ever go through Rubio Long Snapping. Very close to having it all click. Regardless, he is a full on scholarship Long Snapper.
  • Steven Wirtel
  • Bradley Robinson
  • Phillip Thomas
  • Trent Kramer


Hess, Jake

  • Jake Hess had a great camp and could have easily won the whole thing. His form is coming along nicely and he is built strong. When he gets his head all the way through and with speed, he is phenomenal. Handles pressure very well.
  • Marshall Coluzzi
  • Nate Dunham
  • Shiloh Mast
  • John Davis



  • Ryan Walsh has come along way in the past couple of years and just continues to get better and better. Built strong and has great form. Confidence will be key in the next couple of years. Kid can already snap well.
  • Ross Hinders

The next stop will be Dallas, TX on July 15, followed by Charlotte, NC (July 26), Atlanta, GA (July 27) and Los Angeles, CA (July 30).  For more information, rankings, evaluations, etc., visit

Rubio Long Snapping Fall Schedule


Rubio Long Snapping Nike Spring Camp in CA – RECAP

Long Snappers came out to CA on Sunday, February  24th from CA, NV, NY, OR and NJ to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. The talent was overwhelming for all ages attending the camp. The overall winner of the camp was Chase Dominguez (CA, ’13). The Utah Ute commit was, as his norm, smooth and dominant all day. It is almost likes he lulls you to sleep and just crushes your hopes. Even his misses are only off by an inch or two. Chase, to say the least, is beyond ready for the next level.

Other Long Snappers that were exceptional throughout the day were….

Cole Mazza

Rubio Long Snapper Cole Mazza was the top Long Snapper in the class of 2013


  • Cole Mazza (CA, ’13) is easily the best Long Snapper in the country. Missed getting into the finals by a quarter of an inch and just threw absolute heat all day. Watching him snap is a true spectacle. He is just that good.
  • Jason Diffee (JC, CA) continues to improve and impress me. Body is solid, his hands are quick and he listens very well. Extremely coachable and smart with his Long Snapping.
  • Wesley Bertoni (JC, CA) has improved immensely over the past two years and has truly transformed into one of the best JC Long Snappers in the country.


Rubio Long Snapper Tanner Carew

Rubio Long Snapper Tanner Carew was the top Long Snapper in the class of 2014

  • Tanner Carew (CA, ’14) is really ironing out his form and becoming smoother to go along with his incredible speed and athleticism. Sky is the limit for this Junior.
  • Christian Samarzich (CA, ’14) is looking extremely good physically and snapping a very quick, hard ball. His snap and body are both very strong.
  • Chris Nieto (CA, ’14), as I have said before, will be one of the great ones, if he wants to be. Athletic as anyone in his class and very smooth. Think of a younger Chase Dominguez and you have Nieto. TONS of potential.
  • Tyler Moore (CA, ’14) has the size and smoothness to get to the next level. I know it, does he? Keep an eye on him.
  • Garrett Frum (CA, ’14) is strong, quick and extremely coachable. All the qualities to look for in a Long Snapper headed towards the next level.


Rubio Long Snapper AJ Carty

Rubio Long Snapper AJ Carty was the top Long Snapper in the class of 2015

  • AJ Carty (CA, ’15) has D1 size and confidence right now. Snaps a very smooth and quick ball. Pops back to you before you even know it. Listens well, coachable and strong.
  • Ryan Simmons (CA, ’15) has been to coming to camps for quite some time and this was easily the best I have seen him perform….and I liked what I saw prior. Very strong Long Snapper that snaps an aggressive ball. Great attitude.
  • Chase Urbach (NJ, ’15) has been on fire since Vegas and doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. His form is exceptional and he is gaining confidence by the day. I would keep a very close eye on Urbach. He is really starting to impress me.


Rubio Long Snapper Johnny Den Bleyker

Rubio Long Snapper Johnny Den Bleyker was the top Long Snapper in the class of 2016

  • Johnny Den Bleyker (CA, ’16) was very, very solid out in CA. He is strong, beyond athletic and like a machine when he is snapping the ball. Form is exceptional. The more he gets set, the better he will be. Bright future. He left no doubt that he is the best Long Snapper in his class.
  • John Aloma (CA, ’16) was as smooth as ever with his Long Snapping. Picture perfect form that will only get better, the bigger he gets. Great attitude.
  • Damon Johnson (CA, ’16) looked VERY solid on Sunday. He has grown and using his new found strength with his snapping.

Other notables from the camp in CA: Justin Goossen-Brown, Connor Kelsey, Peter Comarato, Matt Foley, Keller Murphey, Tommy Merickel, Collin Lippincott and Richard Wilcox.

Rubio Long Snapping will continue it’s Nike Spring tour next weekend, Sunday, March 3 at in Dallas, TX. That camp will be followed by camps in IL, NC, GA and CA all leading up to the 11th Annual National Kicking and Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas on May 4-5, 2013!


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