Rubio Long Snapping 2021 Rising Seniors

Rubio Long Snapping had a great first day of the Rising Seniors event in Colleyville, TX!  Here are your Saturday Average Snap Speeds.  
Abbes Matthew 0.82
Aldridge Liam 0.806
Bell Brendan 0.783
Berendzen William 0.74
Bowers Aaron 0.816
Companion James 0.795
Conyers Samuel 0.89
Cox Charlie 0.792
Curtis Grayson 0.8
Desaloms Elliot 0.706
Erwin Dylan 0.8
Flint Trey 0.764
Frankowiak Tyler 0.77
Goolsby David 0.81
Hancock Tripp 0.76
Hurley Erik 0.832
Ihns Peyton 0.84
Jacobson Tyson 0.804
Lipkin Gavin 0.748
Manley Kinnick 0.822
Miller Ian 0.72
Mitchell Jonah 0.713
Moore Asa 0.78
Nolan Kyle 0.732
Paul Layton 0.76
Rodarte Luca 0.73
Smillie Steven 0.74
Thomas Ronnie 0.69
Virelli Domenic 0.74
Walters Brock 0.73
Warford Peyton 0.72
Wilburn Ethan 0.76
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