Rubio Long Snapping TX Fall Camp (10/30/2021)

Rubio Long Snapping Visits DALLAS!

Rubio Long Snapping continued its Fall camp series with a stop in Hurst, TX on Saturday, October 30th, 2021. This camp was loaded with talent.  Rubio Long Snapping will hold Fall camps all over the country, making stops in Naples, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas, Nevada. Long Snappers from GA, MS, OK & TX all traveled to LD Bell High School in Hurst, TX to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping.    

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jax Thompson (TX,24) was the Speed Champion & Dylan Erwin (TX,22) was the Overall Camp Champion at the Texas Fall camp!

  As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the DALLAS Fall Camp….
Baker, Trent 24 30.99
Benson, Sawyer 22 21.95
Bowers, Aaron 22 11.11
Clark, William 23 15.63
Colby, Everett 23 12.63
Conyers, Samuel 22 12.37
Cortez, Connor 23 7.59
Crawford, Kade 24 3.09
Crow, Chance 24 3.49
Czech, Mason 25 3.06
Dickert, Quade 25 0
Downs, Brady 24 13.64
Eldridge, Jake 23 17.05
Erwin, Dylan 22 26.67
Erwin, Jr., Warner 25 9.78
Fishman, Samuel 26 0
Fitzmeyer, Michael 22 34.67
Friggle, Lucas 23 2.94
Henson, Augie 26 3.03
Johnston, Max 23 6
Koonce, Isaiah 24 4.17
Lane, Jaydee 27 11.88
Larkin, Boothe 23 0
Love, Preston 22 0
Magana, Ethan 24 7.2
McGill, Logan 25 0
McMullen, Casen 23 13.48
Mendez, Robert 24 0
Moore, Asa 22 6.74
O’Brien, Jeffrey 24 3.16
Phillips, Austin 23 18.06
Riggs, Jake 24 0
Scherer, Jonathan 24 20.22
Smillie, Steven 22 13.48
Smith, Klayton 23 3.45
Stephens, Jon 25 17.44
Thompson, Jax 24 22.37
Trim, Tyson 24 13.48
Webb, Ryan 24 3.13
Welch, Matthew 23 3
West, Ryland 26 0
White, John 24 0
Wilsey, Jacob 23 0

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