10 Steps to Making a Great Highlight Tape for a Long Snapper

One of the most common questions I get is always about extended highlight tapes. Everyone wants to know about content, length, set up and delivery. Here is my answer in a quick and easy format.
Please note: you could easily just use the highlight tapes that I make for you at all Rubio Long Snapping camps as well if you’d like. Benefit: they are verified by me.
1. Your highlight tape should be available online on YouTube. 
  • Reason: YouTube NEVER goes down. It is able to be seen on EVERYTHING (computer, cell, tablet). I know many schools use Hudl but Hudl doesn’t always work on all devices.
2. Your highlight tape should have an intro (you spraying the basics – name, school, contact info, my contact info) and printed contact info on a screen or two.
  • Reason: A coach will want to make sure you are not a moron. Blunt, but completely true. You don’t have to recite a soliloquy but they should be able to tell you have a pulse. They will also want to know who to contact (you, your email, possible cell, my name and info, school, HS coach and his info). That is it. No need to put other nonsense (speeds, maxes and such as you are probably just lying anyway). You will want to put my info so they can you use me as a credible source. Some randoms info is going to be worthless to you as a coach won’t trust them. They will want someone that will be dead honest with them….hint, hint: me. 

3. Your highlight tape should be a heavy majority of punts and NOT pats. 

  • Reason: A monkey can do a pat. They aren’t that big a deal. The speed of the punt is what they are going to want to see. Ratio should be about 95% punts & the views should be from a front/side angle and total side view. They will want to see if there is an arch (arch = usually needs more speed). Please note: put your best snaps first!!! If you don’t catch their interest right off the bat, you are done.

4. Your highlight tape should show live snaps and practice footage. 

  • Reason: Game footage is obvious and I always recommend to have some practice snaps because it lets them see your body without pads. Also, it will allow them to see your form and you blocking (yes, you need to put those) a bit clearer and, if you can do it, you can put running tape on of some snaps. That is a huge win. Plus, if you have been to some quality camps, you are most likely better now than you were during the season. Improvement is a good thing.

5. Your highlight tape should be between three and ten minutes.

  • Reason: Your audience will be males. Males lose focus quickly. You don’t grab their attention pretty quick and you are going to have a huge loss on your plate. The only way I approve of a longer highlight tape if it is just ridiculously good (you’ll see what I mean at the end of this blog).

6. Your highlight tape should have no sound after you speak. NO MUSIC or RANDOM SPRAY

  • Reason: It is incredibly annoying and it just gets muted anyway. Trust me, I see hundreds per year and none of them have had the volume turned up. Please note: no one has actually had the guts to put on some silky smooth sounds of Lou Rawls or Teddy P so that might be the reason for immediate muting. 
  • Reason: No one wants to hear a mom yelling, dad cheering, grandma hitting someone with her cane (sorry, flashback) or any words written (.71 for 15 yards!). They, a coach, won’t even look at it and will just end up calling someone they can trust to get a time.

7. Your highlight tape does NOT need to be done by world class professionals. A couple of the best ones I have viewed were done on pretty cheap standard video cameras.

  • Reason: audience is males and they want a bottom line. It doesn’t have to be Avatar. 

8. Your highlight tape should focus on Long Snapping. Sounds basic enough, but you’d be surprised.

  • Reason: You want them to know how great a Long Snapper you are first and foremost. If you are going to show them highlights of another position or sport, they better be just that…HIGHLIGHTS. You want them to see something extraordinary, not just ordinary and it should be placed after your Long Snapping portion.

9. Your highlight tape should be edited well. Meaning, not a lot of wasted time on it. Example: waiting for thirty seconds on each snap while the punter remembers when to move his hands to be ready for your glorious snap or watching the returner run for a touchdown.

  • Reason: Again, your audience is males and they have short attention sp…..hey, look at that bird….just kidding, but you get my point…I hope.

10. Your highlight tape should be reviewed by someone who knows what the college coaches will want.

  • Reason: Simple, you want them to be pleased right off the bat and not wanting more or less.

Here are examples of a couple great ones….

Hope this helps and I look forward to a plethora of great highlight tapes….finally:)

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