Nike Spring Camp in CA

I can’t sleep. It is 2:24 am and I am pretty much wide awake. Couple reasons: baby on the way (May 23 and I am a thinker so my mind is always rolling on this one), a certain Apple product has peaked my interest, I watched Short Circuit a couple hours ago and was shocked at how bad it/the acting was (I refuse to believe all classic 80’s movies I grew up with are the same way!) and, finally, I am thinking a ton about this weekend’s Nike Spring Camp in CA.

(Side note: thought this was known, but apparently it is not, when you see something in my blogs in blue, like the words Apple product, that means there is a link within that word…click on it for a whole new world of possibilities. Double side note: you might also need to meander back through some past blogs to clear some things up)

This weekend’s camp is the beginning of my spring and summer tour. Think first day of school. I didn’t dread school when I was younger. I enjoyed it. It was easy and I was able to hang out with my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I was not a fan of homework, but rest of it (socializing, etc) made that part worth it for me. This camp is my first day of school…and I am excited.

It is essentially a local camp (I live in Idaho, but travel back to California quite often) for me so there will be a lot of Long Snappers that I know and this won’t be their first rodeo at a Rubio Long Snapping camp. I am very interested to see who steps up. Being comfortable around me is one thing. Performing in front of me is a whole other. The “regulars” know the routine and what I expect. The new guys will not. I would love to see a new Long Snapper come in and just wow me. Love it, but will it happen?

2011 –  Obviously, this class is stacked and there will be some key players in CA for this camp. I wonder if Scott Thompson and Tanner Gibas will show their dominance like they did in Vegas at the 9th Annual Event and blow everyone out of the water. Will Den Bleyker be confident and really let the ball fly? Will Longo show me how he has gained weight and prove that UCLA made a great decision in offering him a spot on the team? Will Gibbs stick his chest out, trust his form and let me see his improvement? How about Avila, the kid is built like a rock and is improving by the second.

2012 – This class is starting to really get their identity and it is solid. A lot of movement is going to occur in their rankings during the next nine months through the spring/summer camps and especially Vegas. This camp is their first step in a long journey and they need to start off on the right foot. The group in CA is filled with good Long Snappers…which ones will step up on Sunday and be great?

2013 – Several new sophomore Long Snappers will be attending this camp. Always intrigues me, but can they possibly keep up with some of the already old-timers? Key match-ups to see will be Lizanich (proven dominance), Mazza (up and coming, built like a 20 year old) and Thompson (form is best in class, and I am just waiting on the size to kick in). I am fully expecting a good amount of movement in this class.

Just read this post. Looks like I am putting a bit of pressure on the Long Snappers out in CA. That is not like me at all. I would never play a mind game like that now would I? Of course, being a Long Snapper is a position where one has to be able to handle an immense amount of pressure so maybe I would. Those that know me know the real answer is………



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