A Guide For Rubio Long Snapping Parents on Game Day

As season starts, parents can tend to be filled with tons of emotions: joy, excitement, fear, nervousness, etc. All are normal and should be felt if your son is going to play on Friday, Saturday or even Sunday. Here are a couple of things to remember….

  1. You aren’t the first parent to go through this and you won’t be the last. Just like I tell my Long Snappers, if someone else has done it, so can you.
  2. Know that your son is well prepared. Odds are, if you are reading this, your son has been to a Rubio Long Snapping camp in the past couple months and got great instruction. Not only did he, but you did so as well. Remember when I brought you on the field? I don’t do that just because I want to spray with some people closer to my age. I do it so you can learn and teach your son when I am not around….and you have been doing that, right:)
  3. Review the mental aspect with your son before the game. Remind him, and yourself, that he, and you, are ready for this and he, and you, will dominate the moment.
  4. Make sure you hire someone else to film the game (one of your son’s friends or something….”Hey Johnny, here’s ten bucks, film the whole game, do it well, keep the camera on the Long Snapper and keep quiet”) so you can focus on the whole experience and not be stuck behind a camera seeing the game through a three inch screen.
  5. Prepare for the game with your son. After he snaps a great ball, you will want to give him signals to show him how great he did…thumbs up, big outstretched arms emulating a Rubio hug, blow him a kiss (get his lady friends involved).

Breathe. Have fun. Believe in your son. Have confidence in him. Trust me, it will overflow into him.

Enjoy every single moment you have with your children. This is an incredible time in your life and you need to embrace every single second of it.



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  1. Speaking of game day.. what should a snapper be doing on the side lines during game? In high school he was always on the field so he was always warm. Should he be snapping and such? any thoughts

    • I would recommend snapping a couple balls on the sideline on first and maybe second down. As a parent, you will really want to keep track of this (the number of total snaps) so he doesn’t overdo it.

  2. Thank you so much for that! Cause we have worked so hard and waited for this moment almost all his life! For it to be his 1st game in High School and that 1st snap, I thought I would have a heart attack! But once he got the go he looked at me and said I got this Mom, and I knew he had it! Boy did he have it and then I could breathe and thought all that work and all the camps: WAS WORTH IT! I forget Kaleb does so well under pressure, but I don’t! I am so excited to see how well he does in College and the NFL! Thanks Chris Rubio for preparing my boy and myself:) Suzie Shottenkirk

  3. Kevin Ashby says

    Rubio, Speaking from experience, this is PERFECT advice. All LS parents should read and heed this advise

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