VEGAS XXVI Contest AND Winner!

The people have spoken and the winner, with 47% of the vote, of the VEGAS XXVI Trick Shot Contest is…BROCK ASSEL (VA, ’18)! Congratulations to Brock and all of the other Long Snappers that entered. See you all at VEGAS XXVI on May 9-10!

Another Vegas means another Vegas Contest! Let’s see which Long Snapper will win a FREE admission to VEGAS XXVI!

WHO: Any Long Snapper from the 8th grade to 2nd year of Junior College that would like a FREE admission to VEGAS XXVI in May!

WHAT: A Long Snapper must create a YouTube video showing one, just one, incredible snap. Make it as creative as you want. Involve a car (be safe), snapping with a crowd of lady friends around, snapping at a mall that is packed, etc. The snap must be creative, 15 yards and solid. Rubio Long Snapper Zach Smith of USC made a full on trick shot video (see below) that went viral two years back with several snaps. I am asking you for ONE glorious snap that is super creative and on target.

WHEN: All entries must be uploaded to YouTube with the title: Your Name, Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXVI Contest. Once they are uploaded you must email them to me at All entries must be submitted to me by no later than Monday, April 6th, 2015.

WHERE: Wherever you want, just be safe.

WHY: To earn a FREE admission to VEGAS XXVI on May 9-10, 2015! (travel and accommodations will not be provided)

Trick Snap


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  1. Deborah Caflisch says

    This is a wonderful idea. I am not sure if my son will enter or not, but I wish you would cover a flight and accommodations for a player and a travel companion. You have too many situations that would exclude someone that may make a fabulous video. For just a little more this could be a really big prize that someone will never forget!

  2. Mark Story says

    Wow! I just voted, very tough decision. Each had their own merits that made it difficult for me to decide. What tipped it for me was the ukulele bicep, that and he drilled that Rubio snowhead right between the glasses. Maybe we get to see a video of all of them in the future???

  3. Jill Mast says

    What a great job by all three boys…Congratulations to the winner! We had the best time watching our family and friends vote and share this contest. Thank you to everyone that voted for Shiloh. We love our child’s heart and dedication to long snapping. Thank you, Rubio for advancing and believing in our athletes. See you in VEGAS!

  4. Who won?

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