What a Preferred Walk-On Needs to Ask

You got a preferred walk-on spot to a major university? That is great news BUT know what you are getting into….

  • They (coaches/school) will most likely try to bring in more than one preferred walk-on. They will do this for competition. ASK IF THEY ARE BRINGING SOMEONE ELSE IN
  • They will want you to get on campus soon. ASK WHAT IS THE EARLIEST YOU CAN BECOME A MEMBER OF THE TEAM. You will want to get there asap to get a jump on the rest of the athletes that will be competing with you for the scholarship.
  • They will tell you that you can earn the scholarship. ASK EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO EARN THE SCHOLARSHIP (use the word EXACTLY so you can hold them to it)
  • They will tell you that you can be put on scholarship immediately if you start. ASK EXACTLY WHEN YOU WILL BE PUT ON SCHOLARSHIP. Will it be after the first game you start, the next quarter/semester, or the next year? (Yes, use the word EXACTLY again so you can hold them to it).







  1. Kevin Ashby says

    Speaking from experience, VERY good advice.

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