5 Things I Learned From My Travels

As you know, I travel a ton and during the summer, my flights really pick up. Yet again, I hit over 55 flights again in June and July alone. Needless to say, when anyone moves around that much, you will see many “interesting” things and have the ability to learn a great deal about traveling….and life.

Here are the five things I learned from my travels:

    You would be shocked at how many people don’t see what is right in front of them. Given, much of the time it is due to cell phones swallowing their brains, but many just look down at the path literally right in front of them instead of having their head up to see other, possibly more intriguing avenues of life. Open your eyes, look up and see the world.
    It seems that everyone has become extremely lazy and not willing to do one minute of work to find an answer. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people ask simple questions instead of taking one second to figure out the problem for themselves (where is the baggage claim?…..um, there is a forty foot sign right in front of you that says where). This simply has to stop or the next generation won’t know how to figure anything out. (You would be shocked at how many times per week I respond to an email, text, tweet, message, etc. with the “All information is on RubioLongSnapping.com
    In life, whether traveling or not, you will see many people that are working and busting their butt at their jobs. Many of these jobs are not easy and take a lot out of the person doing said job. Be appreciative of them and what they are doing, especially if they are doing something for you. Simply saying “Thank you” can make someone’s day and make yours a lot better as well. Try it and see what happens.
  4. HUSTLE!
    Move forward. Keep moving. Don’t be stagnant. People are behind you. You stop, they have to stop. The world stops. This is not good. The slower you go, the slower everyone has to go. If you are in public and you know people are around you, get a move on and don’t slow down the process of life.
  5. RELAX!
    When you finally get the chance to relax, do it. Sit in a chair, lay down in a bed. Put on some music, lift your feet up. Recharge your batteries. You will be better off for it in the long run. If you don’t take some time to relax, you will be no good to anyone after awhile.

Following these five steps will, hopefully, help you out when traveling and in life.


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