Where Are They Now? Rubio Long Snapper Jarin Giesler

UAGJNJJNEPXKBIN.20070328082229For the next installment of “Where Are They Now?” we head to Arizona to hear from Rubio Long Snapper Jarin Giesler. Jarin was a member of the 20o6 Rubio Long Snapping class and played his high school ball in Cortez, CO. He earned a scholarship to Delaware St and now has quite the interesting story.

Check out what has been going on with Rubio Long Snapper Jarin Geisler….

1.  What is your current occupation?

I am an NFL agent, President/CEO of Giesler Sports World-Wide, Inc. (www.giesersports.com). We currently have four football clients and are a part of taking American Football into New Zealand for the first time in 2016 for the Southern Bowl, more on that below (www.southernbowl.com). Aside from being an agent, I am also a licensed attorney in Arizona (www.gieslerlaw.com).

2. Where do you live?

Phoenix, AZ

3. Married/ Kids? Soon, on both fronts

4. What is your fondest memory of your time playing college football? 

I have many fond memories of Delaware State University, but my fondest memory is as follows: 2007 season, we were undefeated in conference with only one loss on the season. Our opponent, Norfolk State University, hadn’t lost in conference all season either, whoever won this game would win the MEAC Championship. Our team fell down early and we were down 21-3 in the fourth quarter with only eight minutes in the fourth quarter. Our team fought back, we tied the game with seconds to go on a two point conversion and won in overtime on a field goal. We ended the season ranked #10 in the nation and faced Joe Flacco and the University of Delaware for the first time in school history. That year, we won four games by three points or less.

5. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snappers, what would it be?FBAL30S

Do your job and enjoy the moment. You are where you are for a reason and you have been trained by the top instructor in the world, remember that. Be confident in your skills and perform when called upon, confidence not cockiness. No one should know your name as long snappers are anonymous until we mess up.       Enjoy your time with the team you are on, you will build lifelong friendships, relish in the moment –those memories will be with you for the rest of your life.

6. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snapping PARENTS, what would it be? 

Listen to what Rubio tells you when he meets with the parents and make sure you meet ALL deadlines. I have seen too many student athletes miss out on playing at the school of their dreams because they were delayed through the NCAA Clearing House, don’t let your son be that athlete. I said earlier that your son is playing where he is for a reason, the same logic holds true for Rubio, he is not the top instructor in the world by coincidence. I was one of 26 long snappers to earn a scholarship in the 2006 class, up from the inaugural five in 2004. For illustration, the 2015 class saw Rubio helped over 125 long snappers get scholarship or walk-on opportunity. Rubio knows the path to success and can help avoid dangerous pitfalls, use him as a resource. I can’t think of a time where I contacted Chris and didn’t receive a text (within seconds, the man’s thumbs have to be on fire).

7. When was the last time you snapped a ball and for what reason?

June 3, 2015 in Auckland New Zealand for The Crowd Goes Wild (New Zealand’s version of SportsCenter, clip below). I was announcing my company’s involvement with the Southern Bowl (www.southernbowl.com), a series of two games on March 5 and March 12, 2016. The series will be coached by Super Bowl winners, Mike Shanahan and Mike Holmgren. We will feature two weeks of practice in front of world-class coaches and NFL Scouts. Our targeted player is one on the cusp of an NFL roster. We just completed the Southern Bowl Tryout Tour, across five U.S. cities to fill a portion of our roster. The remainder of our roster will be filled with top available American football talent (ie final cut players, players finishing active duty with the armed services, etc). I was featured on a segment of The Crowd Goes Wild to discuss the difference between an American football kicker and a rugby kicker. (http://www.followugby.com/videos/4127/category/Funny/9/Crowd-Goes-Wild–American-Football-vs-Rugby-Kicking)

 8.   If you could go back and play football in college again, would you go to the same school or a different one? Why? 

I loved my time at Delaware State University, I was there during a special time for the football program. My only regret is that I was across the country from my friends and family. My parents are amazing and made it to many of my games, but I would have loved to play in front of my buddies from back home. I wouldn’t change anything about my college experience, it made me who I am today.

 9. Any regrets during college? Something you wish you had done or maybe hadn’t?

I do not like the term regret, experiences we have shape who we are as individuals, how a person reacts to a situation builds character. In undergrad, one thing I always wanted to do was run for some sort of office, ie class president. I made excuses about how busy I was and never did it. During my time in law school, I was elected President of the Sports, Property and Entertainment Law Association and stopped making excuses. That year, SPELA created a Sports Law Competition Team. We were unable to secure funding from the University and had to come up with it ourselves, we were also unable to find a full-time coach. I coached our team and was also a competitor as we were able to win a national championship at the 2012 National Sports Law Negotiation Competition (the “NSLNC”).

10.   What tremendous thing have you been a part of or experienced since you graduated?

I have mentioned the Southern Bowl and 2012 NSLNC and although I would enjoy speaking more about either experience, they fail in comparison to my time with the Oklahoma Innocence Project (the “OIP”) while I was in law school. The OIP is dedicated to identifying and remedying cases of wrongful convictions in Oklahoma. The California Chapter of the Innocence Project took on the case of Brian Banks, the standout California high school football star who committed to USC, but had his career cut short by a false accusation, several years ago and after reading his story I knew I had to get involved. (http://sports.yahoo.com/news/exonerated-ofape–brian-banksealizing-nfl-dream-%E2%80%93-in-different-capacity-005927279-nfl.html) The OIP only pursues cases in which there is credible evidence of factual innocence. During my time with the OIP, I worked on two cases of wrongful convictions. I worked with our Project Director and a supervising attorney to gather field evidence, conduct witness interviews and draft motions on behalf of our clients. Both cases I worked on are currently being heard in appellate court. I encourage anyone interested to watch the 2010 movie with Hillary Swank, Conviction or to read John Gresham’s book titled The Innocent Man. This was, by far, the most fulfilling experience of my life.

11. Do you remember your first Rubio Long Snapping camp? If so, share a memory…

I was a junior in high school at Montezuma Cortez High School in Colorado. I remember when our head coach came up to me with a post card and asked if I was interested in a long snapping camp. I remember talking to my parents and them telling me that it was a “no brainer.” Our tickets were booked the next day. The camp was at Notre Dame High School, before the Adidas deal, before Football University, but with the same caliber instruction. I remember telling my mom, this is going to become a huge event, after I walked off the field. I also remember how much Rubio loved my school colors –orange and black. I had never had instruction to become a long snapper, I filled the position at my school because no one else could do it. My life changed after that first camp and I cannot thank Rubio enough for helping me get to where I am today, both on and off the field.



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