The Top 10 Overall Long Snappers in the Country

Here is your list of the TOP 10 Long Snappers for the class of 2017….

1. Thomas Fletcher – Committed to Alabama on full scholarship!
OFFER HIM YESTERDAY!!! COMPLETELY DOMINATED at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL and it wasn’t even close. His form is flawless, his hands are quick and he is getting bigger. No one is even close to him right now and he is, easily, the best Long Snapper in the country. You could put him in a competition with any other high school, and a heavy majority of college kids, and Fletcher would win. Just start the competition and walk away as the winner will be decided for you as soon as Fletcher touches the ball. I will say it again, Fletcher is THE BEST LONG SNAPPER IN THE COUNTRY AND IT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE


2. Mitch Hall, Scholarship offers to Memphis and Louisville, preferred walk-on to Florida State!
OFFER HIM NOW!!! Mitch did really well at the FBU TOP GUN camp and at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. He is still growing like a weed and has a frame that will hold at least another forty lbs in college. Ball is smooth, very accurate and he handles pressure like a champ. Snaps are fast and will be even quicker when he doesn’t ease into the snapping motion. Being a little quicker out of the gate will really get the ball flying out of his hands and make him pop in front of the recruiters. Memphis offered a great one in Mitch. EXCELLENT ATTITUDE.


3. Kyle Gibbs, Committed to the Naval Academy!
OFFER HIM NOW!!! Gibbs had VERY good showings at the FBU TOP GUN camp and at the Rubio Long Snapping TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL in July, 2016. Body is solid and he can rip the ball back to the punter. Missed being an Army All-American by about a 1/4 of an inch at best. Moves well on his feet and is really finding his groove out on the field. The more he can dominate pressure situations and not overgrip or oversnap the ball, the better he will be. Definitely headed in the right direction when he is snapping the ball and looks to only get better over the next year as he moves towards the college level.


4. Kasey Kelleher, Offers to Bowling Green and Toledo!
Kelleher did really well at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. Strong Long Snapper that can move well on his feet. Ball is powerful and really explodes back to the punter. He can catch a groove and really dominate a camp and all the Long Snappers around him. Locking down his accuracy and consistency will be key as his speed is already at the D1 level. Love his attitude and he has very good upside.


5. Devin Noth
Noth showed me some great things at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. VERY athletic Long Snapper that will definitely be a factor heading downfield on punts. Punt returns will have to keep an eye on him at all times he is on the field. Ball is crisp and his hands are quick. Once his butt gets down just a tad more and his back becomes parallel to the ground, he will move even farther up the rankings as he will greatly increase his speed and accuracy.


6. Noah Rodriguez-Trammell, Offer to Colorado State!
Noah had a solid couple days at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. He can pass an eyeball test quickly and moves pretty darn well on his feet for a man of his size. Extremely smooth PATs and his punts are like a machine…same snap every single time. Love to see him make his hands just a tad quicker and have no wasted movement at the start of the snap. VERY close to being a 5 Star Rubio Long Snapper. He is the type of Long Snapper that can just get better and better throughout college….definitely has not hit his peak yet and he is already excellent.


7. Joe Calcagno, Committed to Penn State!
Calcagno had a great couple days FBU TOP GUN Camp and at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. Body is thick and he is as strong as a bull. Kid has power throughout and uses it well when he is snapping. Love to see him use all of that massive power with each and every snap. If he can snap at full speed every time AND get his eyes through with each snap, he could win XXIX…easily. Once he fully focuses on Long Snapping and doesn’t have to be 260 to play lineman, he will just improve even more. Great attitude that coaches will love. He will be a leader in the locker room and on the field. Penn St. got a good one in Calcagno.


8. Jacob Potter
Potter did really well at the TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL. He is a thick, strong Long Snapper with great power in his snap. Body is tough. Moving better on his feet and starting to be a factor heading downfield. Ball is smooth and catchable. Like to see him continue to get his butt down a bit more to get more of his massive lower half involved which will give him more speed. Also, driving his elbows will help with speed as well. Kid has come a long way and just continues to improve.


9. Raymond Freeman, Committed to Air Force!
Freeman did extremely well at the Rubio Long Snapping summer camp in GA on July 12, 2016. He is an athletic Long Snapper that is a true factor on punt coverage. Ball is VERY fast and can punish the punter. Air Force definitely got a player in Freeman. His hands are like rockets and the ball will jump back to the punter. When Freeman just snaps with confidence and lets the ball fly, he is absolutely incredible. Locking down the spiral will move him even farther up. I would be shocked to not see him as a 5 Star Rubio Long Snapper at XXIX in January.


10. Jake Pagel
Pagel showed me some good things at the FBU TOP GUN camp and at the Rubio Long Snapping TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp at the IMG Academy in FL in July, 2016. He is a thick Long Snapper with very quick hands that can really get the ball moving back to the punter. When he is on, he is REALLY on and has a ball that is as quick as any Long Snapper in the country. Like to see him focus on making sure he is always leaning back to maintain more accuracy and that he really locks down snapping under pressure. The kid has great upside and could be one of the greats in college with simple fixes. Solid attitude that will do well in college.


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