NFL Training

In lieu of a Rubio Long Snapping NFL camp this year, I will be personally offering private lessons in Northern Idaho. Spots are limited and I will not be taking a mass group.

After speaking with college and NFL coaches, scouts and agents, I was advised to run specific lessons, this year, with each NFL ready Long Snapper to offer more one on one interaction to give back to the scouts and agents. Last year alone, Rubio Long Snapping had ELEVEN Long Snapper earn tryouts based on Rubio Long Snapping film and my word.

For this year, Rubio Long Snapping will not be running a NFL Free Agent camp to focus solely on the private lessons with NFL Free Agents

One of the things the coaches, scouts and agents liked the most is that there was no bias. If you can snap and move at the next level, I tell them that. If you can’t snap and move at the next level, I tell them that as well. I don’t care if I have seen you snap at my camps or not. This is all about a bottom line with the NFL. You either are the full package or you are not.

With eleven guys getting tryouts, it is quite clear that my word is good and definitely respected.

The lessons will offer the following….

  • Private instruction with me in an indoor location
  • Film to review as well film to send out to agents and teams with my stamp of approval on it.
  • Game plan to get each Long Snapper ready for their pro day.
  • Detailed planning on meetings with agents and coaches.

I will get you ready, it is up to you what you do when you get there!

If interested, email as are limited and once they are gone, they are gone.


Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Rubio has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, Deadspin and countless other publications.

Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world, Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.


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