RSI Scores from CA Spring Camp (3/5/17)

Aguilar, Ryan 19 CA 35.06
Bedell, Derek 19 CA 39.47
Bentley, Brendan 18 NV 55.71
Black, Dylan 19 NV 30.43
Blackburn, Jack 19 CA
Bowden, Peter 19 CA 28.00
Brummer, Waide 18 CA 60.00
Cervantes, Gabriel 18 CA 44.12
Chesney, Kurt 22 CA 7.32
Dixon, Danny 19 CA 27.59
Domingo, Andrew 18 CA 10.71
Dumas, Matthew 23 TX
Eleopoulos, Alex 22 CA 12.77
Estrada, Aaron 20 CA 54.55
Feldermann, Jamie 21 CA 41.25
Flores, Leo 19 CA 6.19
Fuentes, Johnny 17 CA 38.03
Garcia, Jacob 20 CA 32.43
George, Brad 19 IL 22.50
Gonneville, Andrew 19 CA 18.52
Greenway, Kyler 19 CA
Greep, JT 21 CA
Hall, Nathan 20 CA 9.09
Hansen, Travis 19 CA 3.06
Hawkins, Kameron 20 CA 17.24
Hoffman, Harrison JC CA 27.63
Hooper, Jesse 18 UT 7.06
Howard, Eddie 18 CA 9.68
Howell, Noah 18 CA 14.12
Hughes, Jack 18 CA 9.68
Ingvoldsen, Kace 19 CA 3.00
Johnson, Ty 22 CA 7.59
Kent, Chris 21 CA
La Brie, Cole 19 CA
Lau, Dean 19 CA 3.53
Lindsay, JJ 19 CA 6.67
Livingston, Aidan 19 CA 10.71
Lopez, Mateo 20 CA
Luna, Asher 19 CA 6.59
Manheim, Toby 24 CA 6.74
McCowan, Ryan 18 CA 10.71
Mitsuda, Jonthan 19 CA
Mora, John 20 CA
Morris, Justin 19 CA 15.31
Munoz, Michael 20 CA 6.59
Napper, Mason 19 GA 15.58
Nelson, Chancellor JC CA 18.07
Nieland, Max 18 CA 19.48
Osthus, Luke 20 CA 19.15
Perez, Ricardo 18 CA 3.00
Perez, Ricardo-Esteban 19 CA 3.00
Peterson, Ty 18 CA 12.24
Petrucci, Kyle 18 CA 30.38
Raab, Jacob 18 CA 12.90
Rech, Wyatt

Revell, John







Rhodes, Matthew 19 CA
Rodriguez-Trammel, Noah 17 CA 25.00
Rovetti, Nick 17 CA 12.24
Rubio, Cruz 20 CA 3.49
Samarzich, Simon 19 CA 56.00
Sicaeros, Troy 20 CA 3.30
Simmons, Reed 19 CA 6.45
Skidmore, Brett 19 CA
Somerman, Mason 18 CA 17.24
Stevens, Scott 15 CA 23.38
Talamaivao, Cody 19 CA 6.90
Tamayo, Adrian 19 CA 38.46
Tobias, Jack 18 CA 3.33
Tokos, Matthew 18 NV 6.59
Tokos, Michael 20 NV
Townsend, James 18 CA 17.44
Vasquez, Jesse 19 CA 6.45
Villareal, Tony 20 CA 29.35
Walsh, Scott 18 NV 30.68
Wells, Andrew 20 CA 6.25
Weneta, Nathan 19 CA 49.32
White, Cody 20 CA 3.26
Williams, Tanner 18 CA 13.33

Starting this spring, all Rubio Long Snapping camps will feature a shortened version of the VEGAS testing format. Once the Long Snapper has completed the test, they earn an RSI which is the fairest and most accurate way to judge a Long Snapper by numbers. Once you register, for a Rubio Long Snapping camp, a full, detailed explanation will be in your confirmation email.

Each Long Snapper will now be tested on The Rubio Long Snapping Target with one snap per section instead of three. Meaning, you get one regular snap, one block left, one block right, and one speed for both punt snaps and short snaps to total eight snaps. Therefore, at the end of testing, the RSI will be tripled to reveal the participants’ RSI for that particular camp. Trust me, I do get that a Regional Camp RSI will not be the exact same as a VEGAS Event RSI for several reasons (length of test, pressure of Vegas, etc.) but it will pretty darn close and definitely fair. 

The RSI is an excellent way for a participant to truly show how good of a Long Snapper they are as it balances the accuracy along with the speed of the ball, plus it will show how well the Long Snapper grows through each and every Rubio Long Snapping camp. Also, the RSI‘s will be posted on each Long Snappers profile after every camp they attend.  Please note: the RSI does not account for athleticism, spiral or mentality.

RSI‘s can range from zero to basically 80 (if a Long Snapper was to get a score 48 points and averaged .65 on their punt snaps). I believe the highest I have ever encountered a 60.61 by Kasey Kelleher at VEGAS XXIX. The 12 finalists at VEGAS XXIX all had above 50’s on their RSI and that was a record. A 30 is usually pretty darn solid. 

Please Note: The RSI is not completely how your Rubio Long Snapping ranking will be calculated as there are many factors to being a great Long Snapper. The main things that each Long Snapper will be ranked on are the following:

  • Speed (should be less than .75 for a 15 yard punt snap)
  • Accuracy (all snaps should be in The Rubio Zone)
  • Consistency (a college coach is going to want to see how consistent you are with your speed…if you can snap a .75, your snaps should be right around there, well, consistently)
  • Mentality (how well do you handle pressure)
  • Athleticism (do you move well or does it look like you are in pain when moving)
  • Size (an ideal Long Snapper would be about 6’3″ and 235)
  • Spiral (does the ball look pretty, slice through the wind and easy to catch)
  • Blocking (will you be able to withstand a major college rush) If you have ever been to a Rubio Long Snapping Vegas Event, you know that one of the main parts of competition day is when each Long Snapper gets tested on The Rubio Long Snapping Target.


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