The Winner of VEGAS XXXI

Reporter Ritz

My 15 year old son, Alec (I call him Ritz) has expressed some interest in becoming a journalist. I told him to choose a topic and I would “publish” it for him. Here it is….


The date is January 14, 2018. Zach Edwards bends down to pick up his final ball of the evening and silence swarms the crowd of 300 teenagers gathered on that small field in Las Vegas, Nevada…

This is the finals of VEGAS XXXI.

Tied 7-7, four and a half star Rubio Long Snapper, Zach Edwards gets his feet set and looks at the target looming 15 yards away. Other Rubio long snappers are gathered on all sides, awaiting the snap. This is Zach’s moment.

He tucks his TOP 12 Camp t-shirt under his chin, ensuring that his vision will not be impaired and reaches out for the ball. This is it. All his hard work and preparation for the event have led up to this one moment. Perspiration builds on his head as he takes his final breath before the snap.

Without hesitation, his hands and fingers flash simultaneously with his legs and arms. Black rubber shoots out in all directions as his feet slide across the turf field. Head through, eyes up, wrists together. Just like Zach practiced. The ball whips off of his fingertips, slicing through the air like a 15 ounce leather spacecraft. It’s literally out of his hands now, nothing more he can do as the ball continues to fly through the air in a mind boggling fast 360 degree spiral. It inches closer and closer towards that coveted chain link target brought out specifically for the occasion. The oxygen is stole from the crowd. Time slows down. Rubio’s face becomes engulfed in anticipation as the ball finally reaches its target destination…


The Rubio stamped Adidas football comes to rest capitulated at the bottom of the 2 point target square.

One snap later with many unblinking eyes watching, his opponent Kameron Hawkins would miss the final snap of the event.

Zach Edwards has just won VEGAS XXXI!

-Alec Eckert, Journalist: Rubio Long Snapping


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