Recap of the IL Summer Camp (7/9/18)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to IL on July 9th, 2018 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this spring with stops in CA, NC, GA, IL, SC (Top Gun Camp), CA (College, TOP 12, Underclassmen Invitational) and TX!

Long Snappers from KS, IL, GA WA, CA, AZ, TN, MO, IN, OH, MN & MI all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The champion of the camp was David Boan (2020, IL). David was actually the speed AND overall champion with powerful snaps and getting hot at the right time. Boan grows by the hour and has a very smooth snapping motion where his ball tends to pick up speed along the way. Tremendous talent with great potential.

The finals round matchups were Jackson Worthen (53.25), David Boan (53.35), Caden Bolz (50.67), Brad George (46.67), Luke Elmore (37.04), Jaden Mueller (33.33).  You can see the full finals video below….


Jude Pedrozo

Jude Pedrozo was tremendous out in IL with extremely smooth snaps, a solid body and athleticism that shows me he can be a true factor on the punt coverage team. Form is good and the harder he snaps, the better he looks on the field.

Caden Bolz came out from KS and left no doubt he is one of the most accurate and consistent Long Snappers in the country. Strong based, good balance and has the ability to rip the ball back to the punter. Should be fun with him at the TOP 12 camp.

Brad George has good form and snaps a crisp, powerful ball back to the punter. Very consistent Long Snapper. Each snap looks the same over and over. Locking down his spiral is going to be huge for him.

Aidan Hall was moving well on his feet and was outstanding when he led with his elbows and snapped with full power.

Joey Wilson is very athletic and can get the ball out of the gate quickly. Great potential.

Jack Schmitz is extremely athletic, has a great frame and is dripping with potential

Nathan Tokar is thick and powerful with a smooth snapping motion. Getting his eyes through will help a ton to make him ready for the next level.

Notables: Graham Finklea, Michael Cronin, Andrew Downs, Collin Kinniry, Charlie Sullivan


David Boan

David Boan was the overall champion of the camp and crushed it all day long. Massive frame that will be able to put some excellent weight on over the next couple of days.

Christo Kelly has a great, thick frame and snaps the ball with solid power. Tight spiral and when he is on, he is very on. Kid is a stud.

Jackson Worthen was very smooth and snapping with great power throughout his whole body. His form is absolutely gorgeous.

Cody White was snapping pearls all day and his ball gets faster every time I see him. Powerful Long Snapper

Will Halkyard might be the smoothest Long Snapper in his class. It is almost poetic to watch him snap the ball.

Jared Lawrence came out and was very impressive with snap speeds and attitude.

Tom O’Keefe is a big Long Snapper with a tight spiral and great upside.

Notables: Nelson Pipes, Hunter Schrock,


Nick Walker

Nick Walker looked outstanding in IL. Has the frame of a college Long Snapper right now and he still has several years of high school left. Ball is easily under .80. The sky is the limit for Nick.

Andrew Boan is built long with a frame that can put on some good weight over the next couple of years. Uses all of his whole body extremely well and is ball is very fast for his size.

Sam Long was very impressive in IL with a great frame and solid snaps.

Isaiah Hayse came out to IL and looked very sharp for his first camp. Great frame and upside.

Notables: Michael Florentine, Sam Long, Mac Scheuble, Zach Zoglio, Michael Seybold, Brett Kuczyinksi,  Nicholas Casad

Here are the RSI Scores from the IL Camp…..

Boan, Andrew 21            14.63 2021
Boan, David 20            53.25 2020
Bolz, Caden 19            50.67 2019
Borak, James 20            17.05 2020
Casad, Nick 21               3.06 2021
Cronin, Michael 19            32.53 2019
Dakuras, Andrew 20            13.04 2020
Downs, Andrew 19               6.98 2019
Elmore, Luke 15            37.04 2018 – JC
Farrell, Danny 21               9.28 2021
Finklea, Graham 19            19.35 2019
Florentine, Michael 21               9.57 2021
George, Brad 19            46.67 2019
Hall, Aidan 19            24.71 2019
Halyard, Will 20               3.53 2020
Hayse, Isaiah 21            20.22 2021
Kelly, Christo 20            17.72 2020
Kinniry, Collin 19            21.52 2019
Kuczynski, Brett 21                      – 2021
Lapean, Connor 22            12.00 2022 – 2025
Lawrence, Jared 20            25.97 2020
Liston, Jimmy 22               9.68 2022 – 2025
Long, Sam 21               3.26 2021
Moreau, Silas 21               3.00 2021
Mueller, Jaden 20            33.33 2020
O’Keefe, Tom 20            14.81 2020
Pedrozo, Jude 19            30.14 2019
Pipes, Nelson 20            14.81 2020
Porter, Christian 20               6.67 2020
Porter, Roger 20                      – 2020
Rathbun, John 22                      – 2022 – 2025
Scheffler, Zachary 20            21.52 2020
Scheuble, Mac 21               6.82 2021
Schmitz, Jack 19            22.50 2019
Schrock, Hunter 20               3.26 2020
Seybold, Michael 21            12.63 2021
Sink, KC 21                      – 2021
Sullivan, Charlie 19            10.59 2019
Tokar, Nathan 19            16.85 2019
Walker, Nick 21            26.03 2021
White, Cody 19            11.11 2019
Wilson, Joey 19            11.69 2019
Worthen, Jackson 20            53.25 2020
Zoglio, Zach 21            13.64 2021

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