Recap of the NC Fall Camp (10/7/18)

Recap of the NC Fall Camp (10/7/18)

There was an excellent group of instructors in NC led by Casey Hales and Jeff Abraham!

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to NC on October 7th, 2018 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this fall with stops in NC, NJ, WA, CA, TX, GA, AZ, IL with everything leading into the biggest and best Long Snapping event in the world, VEGAS XXXIII in January!

Long Snappers from NC, SC, GA, MS, VA, IL, NJ, FL & TN all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The champion of the camp was Drew Little! Drew was simply tremendous with smooth and powerful snaps non-stop from start to finish. The North Carolina Tar Heel commit was the overall and speed champion, which doesn’t happen often at all. Form is excellent and he just keeps getting better! The Tar Heels got a great one in Drew!

The finals round matchups were between Matt Parrino (49.35), Drew Little (43.06), Joe Shimko (30.43), Justin Pollack (30.26), Rhys Suter (29.11) and Will Cobb (28.92).  You can see the full finals video below….


Joe Shimko

Drew Little was off the charts and dominated from the start. Great to see him always improving and leaving no doubt that North Carolina got a great Long Snapper coming in for the 2019 season!

Joe Shimko continues to roll along and be one of the top Long Snappers in the country. Yet again, he made it deep into the finals and could have easily won the whole thing. This NC State commit snaps one of the hardest balls in the country.

Rhys Suter

Rhys Suter was smooth and knocking it out of the park all day in NC. Snapping with excellent power and one of the most accurate Long Snappers around. He has a 33 ACT and is snapping with excellent speed.

John Morton is thick and powerful with a very smooth snap. Ball is very quick out of the gate.

Justin Pollock looks like a college tight-end and moves like one as well. The upside is off the charts for Justin.

Matt Parrino almost won the whole camp and was snapping with excellent power all day long. Great attitude.

Kuper Imrem has some of the quickest hands around and is always improving.

Notables: Keaton Chambers, Brandon Hurst, Christian Mitchell, CJ Patterson,


William Long

William Long is a long athlete that moves well on his feet and was snapping a great ball all day long. Kid was ripping the ball back to the punter well under .80 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

Will Cobb

Will Cobb is one of the most athletic Long Snappers in the country and was snapping a very consistent ball back to the punter. Easy to catch and has good accuracy.

Cooper Frazier is a massive Long Snapper that could easily snap at the next level. Following through is going to be the key to his greatness.

Will Benton has a good size and showed tons of potential. Smooth Long Snapper and there is no doubt he can do this at the next level.

Will Mitchell is a big Long Snapper with great upside. Smooth snapping motion and has all of the tools to be one of the greats.

JT Tyson might have the most potential of anyone in his class.

Mason Williams was using his body very well and snapping a great ball all day long.

Spencer Triplett has all of the tools to be one of the best in his class.

Notables: Reves Russell, Garrett Mason, Colby Garfield, Griff Barlow, Will McCoy


Austin Turner

Austin Turner was solid from start to finish. Big and strong Long Snapper that snaps one of the tightest balls in the country. When he gets his upper body through, there is no one better.

Rocco Underwood

Rocco Underwood could pass for a college Long Snapper right now. When he is on, he is VERY on. All the tools to dominate his class for a long, long time.

Alex McLaughlin is strong and dominant in his class. When he gets his eyes through, there is no one better. Kid rips the ball back and has a great attitude.

Aaron Brannock continues to impress me with great form, an excellent attitude and one of the smoothest snaps in the country.

Ty Nicholas looks like a college Long Snapper and is as smooth as one as well. Great upside. Kid is massive

Notables: Ben Wheless, Samuel Watkins,  Andrew Lucas




Joe Miller

Joe Miller was great out in NC. Excellent Long Snapper and he is already snapping under .85 with a great ball.

Joshua Giambrone is a long athlete with a great attitude and listens well.

James Gleason was solid all day long in NC.

Caleb Royston was impressive with snap speeds under .90!

Avery Salerno was solid and left no doubt he can be one of the best in his class.

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the NC Camp…..

Barlow, Griff 20            20.22 2020
Benton, Will 20               3.53 2020
Bowling, Ethan 20                      – 2020
Brannock, Aaron 21            14.46 2021
Bunch, Payton 19                      – 2019 – JC
Chambers, Keaton 19                      – 2019 – JC
Cobb JR, Jeffrey 20                      – 2020
Cobb, Will 20            28.92 2020
Cornett, JT 21               3.26 2021
Cowan, Zachary 20            16.13 2020
Frazier, Cooper 20               1.32 2020
Gannon, Burt 23                      – 2023 – 2025
Garfield, Colby 20               7.23 2020
Giambrone, Joshua 22               6.06 2022
Gleeson, James 22            12.50 2022
Hurst, Brandon 19                      – 2019 – JC
Imrem, Kuper 19               3.61 2019 – JC
Jordan, Grayson 20               6.45 2020
Little, Drew 19            43.06 2019 – JC
Long, William 20                      – 2020
Lucas, Andrew 21                      – 2021
Mahaffey, Andrew 22                      – 2022
Manis, Ryan 22            23.60 2022
Mason, Garrett 20                      – 2020
McCoy, Will 20            17.44 2020
McLaughlin, Alex 21            17.24 2021
Meddings, Carson 22               6.06 2022
Merchant, Nathan 22               9.28 2022
Miller, Joe 22            13.64 2022
Mitchell, Christian 19            17.24 2019 – JC
Mitchell, Will 20               3.53 2020
Moore, Sterling 20               3.00 2020
Morton, John 19            25.64 2019 – JC
Moser, Caleb 23            10.53 2023 – 2025
Nichols, Ty 21            16.48 2021
O’Brien, Dominic 21                      – 2021
Parrino, Matt 19            49.35 2019 – JC
Patterson, CJ 19            10.34 2019 – JC
Pollock, Justin 19            30.26 2019 – JC
Purcell, Ryan 20            10.11 2020
Rasmussen, Cole 20            17.95 2020
Richards, Brandon 20            24.71 2020
Royston, Caleb 22                      – 2022
Ruddy, Bryson 22               6.00 2022
Russell, Reves 20               6.98 2020
Salerno, Avery 22               6.00 2022
Seets, Colin 22               9.28 2022
Shimko, Joe 19            30.43 2019 – JC
Suter, Rhys 19            29.11 2019 – JC
Thompson, Kevin 19                      – 2019 – JC
Tinnin, Kyle 18            10.98 2019 – JC
Tripplet, Spencer 20            17.86 2020
Tuders, Joseph 20            14.63 2020
Turner, Austin 21            20.45 2021
Tyson, Joshua 20               3.41 2020
Underwood, Rocco 21            27.27 2021
Watkins, Samuel 21                      – 2021
Whatley, Sims 21                      – 2021
Wheless, Ben 21            15.63 2021
Williams, Mason 20               3.23 2020


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Long Snappers from NC, SC, GA, MS, VA, IL, NJ, FL & TN all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.