Recap of the NJ Fall Camp (10/14/18)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to NJ on October 14th, 2018 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this fall with stops in NC, NJ, WA, CA, TX, GA, AZ, IL with everything leading into the biggest and best Long Snapping event in the world, VEGAS XXXIII in January!

Long Snappers from MA, NC, NJ, NY, ON, PA, TX & VA all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping.  Senior Rubio Long Snapping instructor, Corey Adams, lead the camp and had a tremendous group of  Long Snappers and parents.

The Champion of the camp was Joe Shimko! Joe is an absolute machine and tremendous talent that showed his dominance all day. The Army All American and North Carolina State commit was BOTH the overall and speed champion for the astonishing FIFTH time in his Rubio Long Snapping career! I look for Joe to continue this dominance into North Carolina State and beyond!






The finals matchups were between Brian McNamara (43.37), Joe Shimko (29.63), Evan Davis (26.97), Zack Taylor (18.75), Chase Donahue (18.00) and Doug Sabol (15.00) You can see the full finals video below…

Top 2019 Long Snappers

Joe Shimko

Joe Shimko was amazing from start to finish and left zero doubt why he is one of the top Long Snapping athletes in the country, and in recent years. He easily passes the eye ball test and could step foot on the field right now and play in college. His snaps are fast, accurate, and could rip a hole in whoever is catching it. Expect continued domination from him for the rest of his career.

John Morton is a snapper who continues to put in work between camps and it is evident in his improvement. He is carrying his weight very well and has solid form for a man of his size. When he is on he can compete with the best in his class.

Evan Davis always impresses with the accuracy and power he possesses. The Buffalo commit hardly missed all day, and when he did they were still exceptional snaps. Should transition well into college and make an impact in the near term!

Brian McNamara

Brian McNamara impressed all day and can throw heat back to the punter with great accuracy and consistency. On top of his snapping ability, his athleticism separated himself from the other athletes at the camp. Had an amazing all-around day.

Brady Spafford is a very athletic and powerful long snapper with a ton of potential. He showed the ability to throw darts back to the punter and holder. Brady has a very high ceiling and is oozing with potential.

Chase Donahue is a tall snapper with a great frame that can put on a lot of weight with no problem. When he is on, he throws a very catchable and accurate ball, which propelled him to the finals.

Demetrick Ray is a powerful snapper that shows flashes of greatness. Has the desire to be great and will continue to work at his craft.


Top 2020 Long Snappers

Bryce Eimer

Bryce Eimer had a great performance from beginning to end. The long time Rubio Long Snapper displayed what all the years of work can lead up to as he was snapping extremely accurate, quick and catchable balls all day. On top of this, he is a great athlete with a frame that can easily carry more weight and fill out over the coming years.

Jake Foggia

Jake Foggia is another long time Rubio Long Snapper who continues to improve between every camp. He performed at a very high level throughout the day, snapping extremely accurate and quick balls. Continues to put on good weight and develop into an athlete.

Sam Doughty is a very powerful and well-built Long Snapper who showed flashes of brilliance throughout the day. His legs look like he can squat 1,000 lbs and he carries the rest of his weight very well in his upper body. With continued refining of his craft he has the ability to be exceptional.

TJ Latore was a snapper who you could see slowly put together things throughout the day and improved noticeably from the first snap to the last. Great kid with a fantastic attitude along with great athletic ability. Investing in the small details will be big for him, but once he does it will take him to a whole different tier of talent.

Brandon Richards had a great day showing lots of promise in his ability and growth. He snaps a very accurate and consistent ball, and with his continued work will add speed to his snap which will make him competitive with the upper echelon of his class.

Andy Lan was full health at this camp and it really showed. His form continues to become picture perfect and his accuracy is by far his strength. Great athlete who showed a lot of upside in the agility portion of the camp. Amazing attitude and eagerness to learn and reach the next level.

Joseph Santora showed a lot of upside throughout the camp. Big snapper with a great frame. Throws an accurate and catchable ball.


Top 2021 Snappers

Zack Taylor

Zack Taylor continues to dominate the North East camps. The long time Rubio Long Snapper has picture perfect form and continues to grow into his body and develop strength. Can easily be better than his brother, Billy, who starts for Rutgers. Vegas will be HUGE for him this year and showing how he stacks up against the rest of his class.

Patrick Coyle

Patrick Coyle had a fantastic day throughout the whole camp. Big snapper who will continue to develop with both his form and size. Snaps a very catchable and accurate ball and has a ton of potential to compete amongst the top of his class.

Andrew Pudleiner is a very talented yet raw Long Snapper. He showed amazing ability from the start of camp, and through drill work and instruction he was beginning to put it all together. There were some growing pains as he was trying to incorporate new form and teachings; my biggest takeaway from this was his coachability and perseverance as he was continuing to work through the ups and downs.

Brian Catanzarite had a great camp and showed great improvement from his last. He is developing into a quality snapper, throwing very catchable, consistent and accurate balls. Great attitude and eager to learn.

Caleb Hoffman is a young snapper with amazing size and frame that he can grow and develop and become an absolute machine. His legs are so long he is having a hard time locking them out right now, but once he does his ball will fly back to the punter. His accuracy is good, and as his form continues to improve he will be a force to deal with.

Ryan Legere improved drastically from the start of the camp to the finish. A very eager learner who soaked everything up like a sponge. Snaps a good ball with solid accuracy, and with continued work at the drills and form taught he will see his talents jump to another level.


Top 2022 Snappers

Logan Rager

Logan Rager is a very talented and confident young Long Snapper who excelled all day. His form is fantastic and allows him to be extremely consistent with a quick ball and tight spiral. Has the opportunity to be one of the top Long Snappers in his class for a long period of time!

Rino Monteforte

Rino Monteforte is a very passionate and coachable Long Snapper and cares very much about his craft. Even at his young of age, his form is beyond his years. As he continues to grow into his body and develop more strength and flexibility he will be a top tier snapper for the class of 2022.

Sean O’Hara was fully healthy this camp and it showed in his snapping. All day he was snapping very catchable and consistent balls with great spirals and speed. His form improved throughout the day and with continued work has the chance to be one of the top snappers in his class.

Joseph Taikina showed flashes of greatness during the NJ camp. He has a fantastic frame and size for his age, with legs that are a mile long. Once he is able to get his form in sync and get full use out of his body, his speed and accuracy will skyrocket and he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Doug Sabol had a great day putting his snapping ability on display. Still growing into his frame and developing strength, but his spiral and accuracy were very impressive. Extremely coachable and eager to learn. I know he will take everything from the camp home and perfect his craft.

Zach Hirshon improved a great amount throughout the day. His eagerness to learn and coachability makes working with him extremely enjoyable. His snaps showed flashes of great accuracy and consistency, and once he is able to put it all together through additional work he will see very quick and drastic improvement.

Dale Stringfellow is a strong, young Long Snapper who improved a great amount through the day. He took the coaching he was receiving on the field and was applying it real time to his form and snapping motion. He has all the tools and abilities to be great, just needs a little time and drill work to perfect his craft.


As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the NC Camp…..



Catanzarite, Brian 21  6.00
Coyle, Patrick 21  –
Davis, Evan 19  26.97
Donahue, Chase 19  18.00
Doughty, Sam 20  –
Eimer, Bryce 20  13.95
Foggia, Jake 20  6.67
Hirshon, Zachary 22  –
Hofmann, Caleb 21  –
Lan, Andy 20  6.74
Latore, TJ 20  6.06
Legere, Ryan 21  9.00
McNamara, Brian 19  43.37
Monteforte, Rino 22  13.48
Morton, John 19  7.06
O’Hara, Sean 22  9.18
Pudleiner, Andrew 21  –
Rager, Logan 22  3.33
Ray, Demetrick 19  9.68
Richards, Brandon 20  9.18
Sabol, Douglas 22  15.00
Santora, Joseph 20  3.09
Shimko, Joe 19  29.63
Spafford, Brady 19  –
Stringfellow, Dale 22  –
Taikina, Joseph 22  6.00
Taylor, Zack 21  18.75


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