Recap of the New Jersey Spring Camp (3/24/2019)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to New Jersey on March 24, 2019 for their Spring regional camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this spring with stops in CA, NC, WA, NJ, Northern CA, AZ, TX, IL and GA with everything leading into the biggest and best Long Snapping event in the world: VEGAS XXXIV in May!

Long Snappers from NJ, NH, MA, VA, PA, CT, NY, GA, DE, MD, MI, KY and CANADA all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was phenomenal with amazing effort from the Long Snappers and participation from the parents.

Left to right: TJ Latore (Camp Champion) & Corey Adams (Senior Instructor)

The Camp Champion was TJ Latore! TJ had a fantastic day with amazing consistency and power. His ball really jumps back towards the punter with a great spiral. Huge ceiling on this snapper.

The finals round matchups were Zack Taylor (32.53), TJ Latore (32.53), Paul Joseph Meyers (27.00), Clay Perry (23.33), Brian Catanzarite (23.08), and Brenden Richards (22.11).

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the New Jersey Camp…..

Bedrossian, Nicholas                     –   2022
Catanzarite, Brian           23.08 2021
Cerrato, Ben              3.03 2021
Dionisio, Christian                     –   2020
Doughty, Sam           15.46 2020
Eimer, Bryce           10.98 2020
El Hadidi, Sammy              5.77 2022
Foggia, Jake              3.37 2020
Franklin, AJ           21.21 2021
Hofmann, Caleb              5.94 2021
Jones, Stewart              6.06 2021
Labosky, Owen              8.91 2021
Latore, TJ           32.53 2020
Legere, Ryan              3.19 2021
McCabe, Joe           20.93 2020
Mennona, Anthony              7.96 2022
Meyers, Paul Joseph           27.00 2021
Miller, Joe              9.78 2022
Monteforte, Rino              9.57 2022
O’Hara, Sean           10.84 2022
Otwell, “CJ”           19.35 2019 – JC
Patton, Will              9.38 2022
Perry, Clay           23.33 2020
Plasko, Alex              8.04 2019 – JC
Polay, Brendan                     –   2020
Rager, Logan              9.57 2022
Ravelo, Joseph              9.18 2021
Rice, Dalton              2.78 2022
Richards, Brandon           22.11 2020
Sabol, Douglas              9.28 2022
Santora, Joseph              6.32 2020
Skinner, Luke                     –   2022
Slone, Branson                     –   2022
Taikina, Joseph              2.86 2022
Taylor, Zack           32.53 2021
Vaccarella, Kyle           13.33 2021
VanEeuwen III, Robby           16.98 2023 – 2025
Vereb, Lucas              8.74 2021
Wheless, Ben           16.67 2021
Wieder, Jonathan              2.88 2021


CJ Otwell had a fantastic camp, very compact and powerful snapper whose form has come a long way and can really fling the ball back there. Accuracy was on all day, and was a great example and mentor for the younger snappers to look up to. Fantastic personality and energy.

Alex Plasko improved drastically throughout the day. His form made major strides from the beginning of camp until the end. Very coachable and great person.


Bryce Eimer was ripping the ball back all day and barely missed. His form is as almost as perfect as can be. His catchability is off the charts and he can place the ball wherever he wants with great speed. Expect big things out of Bryce in the coming year.

Jake Foggia had an amazing camp and is one of the most calm and confident snappers on the field. He has improved so much throughout the years to where he can now compete with the best in the country. Really like what Jake showed from the first snap to the last and know he will have a very productive senior year.

TJ Latore was the overall camp champion and snapped like it all day. Form is fantastic, and his attitude is even better. Very positive and upbeat snapper who has shown he can snap at a very competitive level. Showed great athleticism in the coverage drills and could make a sudden impact for a college team very soon.

Joe McCabe is a snapper who has shown tremendous improvement year over year during his time with Rubio Long Snapping. Extremely coachable athlete who is very disciplined in his snapping form. Picks everything up like a sponge. Showed good athleticism in coverage drills as well.

Clay Perry is a very physical long snapper who showed a long of power and consistency throughout the day. Great personality and energy from him and showed a lot of upside with his athleticism as well.

Brandon Richards was tremendous all day, throwing very smooth and consistent balls back to the punters. Ceiling is very high for him as he continues to snap harder and gain muscle/size.

Sam Doughty continued to have strong showing at these NJ regional camps with his performance. Extremely accurate and has great placement with his snap. Massive lower body that shows flashes of putting a lot of power behind the ball.

Joseph Santora had a great week leading up to the NJ regional camp, prepping with a virtual lesson and capping it off with a tremendous performance. When he commits to getting his eyes all the way through and snapping with all the power he has, he elevates himself to a completely different, extremely competitive level.

Christian Dionisio showed tons of upside at the NJ regional camp. Very athletic long snapper who has a very strong foundational form. Ball was very consistent and smooth.

Brendan Polay made drastic strides throughout the day. His form became much more technically sound and he showed great coachability and attitude with everything he was adapting real time to his snapping motion.


Zack Taylor was dominant all day. His form is almost as picture perfect as it can be. He very rarely misses and has a good amount of speed and quickness on the ball. Expect to him to be the best Taylor to come out of Rubio Long Snapping when it is all said and done!

Ryan Legere had a tremendous performance throughout the day. Uses his body/form very well, but there is still some opportunity to fine tune timing that will make his ball that already flies back there even faster. If we can dial in his accuracy just a tad he will be a force to deal with.

Ben Wheless really impressed throughout the whole day in NJ. Thick long snapper with a ton of power behind his ball. Catchability is off the charts, and paired up with his accuracy makes him a very strong Long Snapper.

Brian Catanzarite had a very strong performance, capped off with an appearance in the top 6 for the overall camp championship. Very raw and strong long snapper that will climb the rankings very quickly with continued focus on his form.

Caleb Hoffman showed limitless amount of potential throughout the day. Tall and smooth long snapper that can be very consistent and dangerous to the rest of the snappers in his class when he keeps his weight back.

Paul Joseph Meyers is a massive human being who continues to put everything together. He has progressed so much in his years with Rubio Long Snapping and he is inching closer and closer to everything clicking. Continuing to perfect his form for the size of frame he has will be key, but with his work ethic it is something he is up for the challenge for.

Kyle Vaccarella is a tremendous athlete, person and Long Snapper. He rips the ball back to the punter with tons of power. Getting his form tuned in just right so his release point is consistent every time to ensure more consistent accuracy will be key. Once that happens, he will jump to near the top of the rankings.

Owen Labosky had a fantastic day snapping, throwing consistent and very catchable balls throughout the day. Adding more power to his snap to get the speed down will be key, but even may strides in that throughout the camp working on engaging his legs more aggressively/quickly through the various drills.

Ben Cerrato showed great accuracy and consistency throughout the camp. Very rarely saw the ball miss wide left or right and he stayed on the midline throughout the day. Ball is very catchable and with added speed will make major strides.

AJ Franklin is a tall athlete with the opportunity to add a bunch of weight without even noticing. Adding the weight will allow him to put more mass behind his snap, putting more power on the ball. He is form is solid and accuracy and consistency is fantastic.

Stewart Jones had a very good day at the NJ regional camp, snapping very smooth and catchable balls. Accuracy was his strong point, with his form a near second. Adding more power and speed to the ball will be huge for him, but with attentive and coachability there is no doubt he will make improvements in this area.

Joseph Ravelo was very impressive throughout the whole day. His accuracy and athleticism really caught my eye. He has a great frame that can easily add more weight and muscle to it. The one thing we focused on throughout the day is getting the legs fully locked out and engaged. Addressing this will add more speed which will make everything in his snap come together perfectly. Great attitude and coachability was off the charts.

Lucas Vereb demonstrated tons of improvement throughout the day. From the first drill to the last he was beyond coachable and receptive of all instruction given to him. He made great strides and fully expect him to come back a different snapper at the next camp.

Jonathan Wieder had a strong showing and improved drill after drill. Fantastic personality and energy and was ultra-attentive and adaptive with everything given to him. Big strong frame on him that will be paired with his refined form and take him to another level!


Logan Rager continued to show why he is the top Long Snapper in his class. His form is fantastic, accuracy is off the charts, and his speed is impressive given his growing body. Very calm and collected snapper who very rarely seems to get rattled. Expect very big things from him in the future.

Joe Miller made the trip to the North East from his home state of Georgia and reminded everyone why he is towards the top of his class. Very powerful long snapper who is starting to fill out and put on mass. When he is on, he is extremely impressive and there might not be anyone in his class that can compete with him. Just getting to that point and being consistent every single snap is the next hurdle for him.

Rino Monteforte brought his standard contagious energy to this camp. He is always a pleasure to be around, and to top that off he is a heck of snapper as well. Starting to get leaner as he grows, his form is fantastic and his ball is packing a lot of power and accuracy. Excited to see how he continues to develop and jump in the rankings in the near future.

Sean O’Hara continues to show improvement at every single camp he attends. He was snapping very tight spirals with a lot of power and speed behind them. His accuracy continues to improve and he is someone to keep a very close eye on here in the coming years.

Doug Sabol had a great regional camp; extremely smooth long snapper who has the frame and potential to add 30 more pounds without missing a beat. His form is very strong and once he trusts it to snap hard and use all the power and energy he has; his ball will start to pick up speed and take him to the next level.

Nick Bedrossian showed a great deal of upside and potential throughout the day. Extremely athletic long snapper with a tremendous frame. Very long and with added emphasis on form, plus adding some more muscle and snapping hard he will be near the top of his class very soon.

Will Patton performed very well all day. Very smooth snapper with a great frame to add more weight/muscle very easily. Legs are long so he was struggling to get them fully engaged/locked out. Continued work on flexibility will pay dividends for him. Huge upside on him.

Joe Taikina had a strong showing at the NJ Regional camp. Fantastic frame on him that can easily add more weight to it. Getting his legs fully involved will be huge for him to get more speed on the ball. When his accuracy is on though he very rarely misses.

Sammy El Hadidi demonstrated tons of improvement throughout the day. Accuracy is good at this point, but with added work on his form, locking his legs out and snapping hard he has potential to take everything to the next level. Very coachable snapper and pleasure to be around.

Branson Slone had a very strong showing all day. He has a very long frame that can easily carry more weight. Continuing to work on flexibility will be huge to get his eyes through more, as well as keeping his weight back. Would like to see him add more speed to his ball, but was very please with the accuracy he displayed throughout the day.

Luke Skinner showed a lot of promise throughout the day and took something to improve upon from each drill. He has the frame and size to be a very powerful snapper, fine tuning his legs locking out and keeping his weight back will be key for him to take his snapping to the next level.

Anthony Mennona continues to show improvement with every single camp he attends. He has grown about half a foot in the last year, so continuing to work on flexibility through this growth spurt will be very valuable for him. When he commits to lower his butt in his stance, snapping hard and getting his eyes through, it is night and day from when he doesn’t. Has all the tools in place, just needs to have them all work together.

Dalton Rice had a great day and showed large strides throughout it all. Very coachable snapper who was eager to learn as much as he can. Flexibility will be big for him to allow him to lock his legs out fully and get his upper body through. After perfecting his form trusting it to snap as hard as he can will elevate him to the next level.


Robby VanEeuwen’s snapping ability is well beyond his years. He was competing neck and neck with other snappers who are three to four years older than him. Form is fantastic, ball is extremely catchable, and accuracy is unreal. Cannot wait to see where he ends up after he is finished growing. He is definitely a name to remember for the long run.

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