Recap of the Arizona Spring Camp (3/31/19)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to the Gilbert, AZ on March 31st, 2019 for their Spring camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this Spring with stops in CA, NC, WA, NJ, Northern CA, AZ, TX, IL & GA with everything leading into the biggest and best Long Snapping event in the world: VEGAS XXXIV in May!

Long Snappers from Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, California and Nevada all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was loaded with talent and featured several long snappers worth noting. Arizona definitely did not disappoint!

The Overall Camp Champion was Declan Cappasola. Declan was absolutely lights out all day. Throwing dime after dime. There was zero surprise that he prevailed in the end. Declan’s victory did not come easy as he ran into the only snapper in the camp that might have been hotter than him, Cole McCutcheon. Something had to give. Congrats to Declan on becoming overall camp champion!

Speaking of Cole McCutcheon… Cole was the last man standing in the camp’s speed competition. His fastest snap recorded in the competition was a .70. He very easily could have been double camp champ after making the target finals in absolutely dominating fashion. All after scoring an incredible RSI score of 50.

Left to right: Cole McCutcheon (Speed Champion), Neal Dahlman (Lead Instructor) & Declan Cappasola (Camp Champion)

The top 6 snappers who earned the opportunity to compete for the honor of Overall Camp Champion, by scoring the top 6 RSI scores, were 1. Cole McCutcheon (50.00), 2. Declan Cappasola (36.71), 3. Michael Tokos  (29.11), 4. Jack Stein (26.97), 5. Deryk Leverage (25.68), 6 (tie). AJ Laux and Luke Brandt (25.64).

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the Arizona Camp…..

AJ, Laux           25.64 2020
Andrew, Thompson                     –   2020
Cole, McCutcheon           50.00 2020
Colton, Carmichael              9.00 2022
Davis, Salom                     –   2020
Declan, Cappasola           36.71 2021
Deryk, Leverage           25.68 2021
Jack, Stein           26.97 2021
James, Borak           19.35 2020
Logan, MacGregor           10.39 2020
Luke, Brandt           25.64 2020
Michael, Tokos           29.11 2020
Stephen, Louis              3.16 2021
Tyler, Wigglesworth              3.19 2022
Wiysel, Joseph              3.23 2019 – JC
Yarbrough, Ben              3.16 2022


Joseph Wiysel. When Joe gets going and is throwing the ball the way he is capable of, he is very hard to beat. He has very nice jump on his ball and is able to maintain a very solid spiral consistently throughout the day. He is smooth and demonstrates really solid form. Joe was the veteran guy of the group and he did not let down with his experience.


Cole McCutcheon. As you know by now Cole had a pretty dominant day. It is no coincidence that Cole ended up the overall speed champion and also made the finals for the overall camp championship. Cole is an absolute beast. His ball is pretty and its fast. This snapper oozes with confidence, and for good reason. I love how little he is phased by any signs of pressure.

Logan MacGregor. Logan is on a fast track to becoming an elite long snapper. Logan has a huge frame and snaps the ball so effortlessly. He does a phenomenal job of getting his hands and eyes deep and practically folds himself in half when he snaps. Hardly ever misses his spots. Very raw snapper, lots of promise.

AJ Laux. AJ is a giant human being. And given his size, it’s scary how well he moves. He snaps the ball with absolute force when he wants to and hits his spots all day. That’s all with snapping one hand dominant. Imagine what he could do when he starts snapping with 2.

Michael Tokos. Michael, much like his older brother, is about as cool, calm and collected a snapper you will find. There is not much that phases Michael when he snaps. He is extremely accurate and possesses very quick hands. I look forward to watching Michael progress.

Luke Brandt. Luke is another snapper that is extremely raw and is oozing with talent. His hands are lightning quick. Luke was by far the best athlete at the camp. He is an incredibly hard worker. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke goes home, works hard, and becomes top notch snapper next week. Id love to see what the future holds for Luke.

James Borak. James is an incredibly smooth snapper. I admire his ability to maintain an even keel and snap the ball with limited distraction. He throws an incredible ball and can improve drastically eith throwing the ball more aggressively.

Andrew Thompson. Andrew is another very good raw snapper. When he throws the ball hard, he hits his spots with solid consistency. He has a really nice follow through and does a good job of getting deep. Very coachable snapper.


Declan Cappasola. Declan is the real deal. He is absolutely automatic with his locations and does it while throwing one of the prettiest balls you will see. Watch out for Declan to do huge things as he nears the sub .75 mark on his snaps. Kid is going to be good!

Deryk Leverage. Deryk throws the ball with some real zip. As evidenced by his final two appearance in the camps speed competition. He is absolutely textbook in his pre snap setup. And demonstrates great form throughout his snap. He is a perfect example that posture and form DO translate to speed. Deryk shows a lot of promise.

Jack Stein. Jack is a super smooth lefty with a phenomenal head of hair. His upper body works almost flawlessly and he is very quick to get his hands through. Jack has a solid/ thick frame that is going to see some more height added to it over the next couple of years. I look forward to watching Jack get his legs involved more and becoming a very good long snapper. 

Stephen Louis. Stephen has the frame to become a top tier long snapper. He is another snapper that is very raw but shows a lot of potential once he refines his mechanics. He is very accurate right now and does not show any tendencies of missing in a certain spot. I love Stephens attitude and his mental approach.


Tyler Wigglesworth. Tyler is a very impressive snapper for his young age. His eagerness to learn and improve is what makes me most excited about his progress in the near future. Tyler is very quick to get his hands through and throws the ball with really nice spin. He shows very good accuracy as well

Colton Carmichael. Colton just loves longsnapping. You can’t keep a ball out of his hands. I love that about him. Combine that with the fact that he is 6’2, as a freshman, he could be very dangerous in the very near future. He does a really good job of finishing his hands and driving his butt through his snap. Once he gets his legs working he is going to be a force. 

Ben Yarbrough. I am not sure what attracted the giant freshman to this camp but Ben was another big framed snapper. Ben has a very long 6’3 frame with arms that can practically hand the punter the ball on a platter. Naturally, I love his ability to get depth with his hands. I also love that he wastes very little movement with the ball and is very direct in getting to his follow through. Once his strength catches up to his body and he starts snapping with more power, Ben could be a huge talent on the rise.

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