Rubio Long Snapping Recap: Fall North Carolina Camp (10/6/19)

Fall camps have officially begun for Rubio Long Snapping!

FIRST STOP: Charlotte, NC on October 6th, 2019.

After just one camp, we can already tell that this Fall is going to be LOADED with talent.  Rubio Long Snapping will traveling all over the country see it with stops in New Jersey, Washington, California, Texas, Georgia, Northern California, Arizona, and Illinois.  Of course, each Fall camp lays the path to complete the road to VEGAS XXXV (January 18 & 19)! For the first time ever, the All-American Bowl Long Snappers will be selected at this Vegas Event! ‬Thanks to our partnership with FBU and the ALL-AMERICAN BOWL Long Snappers from all over the world will head to Vegas to earn their spot! ‬  



Long Snappers from GA, KY, LA, MA, NC, NJ, OH, SC, TN, VA & WV all traveled to Olympic Community Schools in Charlotte, NC to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The CAMP CHAMPION was Spencer Triplett (NC,’20).

The Speed Champion was Alex McLaughlin (NC,’21).

To see all of the YouTube videos from the North Carolina Camp, please go HERE

You can see the full finals video below….








As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the North Carolina Fall Camp…..

Adkins, Dalton 9.28 2020 – JC
Allen, Wesley 2023
Anderson, Ben 3.45 2022
Bohanan, Corey 2022
Bowman, Jake 15 2020 – JC
Brannock, Aaron 25.61 2021
Britschge, Christian 3 2020 – JC
Burt, Gannon 3.37 2023
Bushey, Ryan 9.28 2021
Clegg, Logan 12.77 2021
Cowan, Zachary 10 2020 – JC
Cross, Colby 7.41 2020 – JC
Curtis, Jake 3.16 2024 – 2026
DeBerardino, Anthony 18.42 2021
Deyton, Alexander 6.45 2021
Doughty, Sam 14.47 2020 – JC
Garfield, Colby 50.77 2020 – JC
Giambrone, Josh 3.26 2022
Goodwin, Tyler 10.67 2021
Gresham, Matt 11.11 2021
Hensley, Kameron 29.63 2020 – JC
Hirshon, Zachary 2022
James, Joseh 18.42 2022
Jones, Stewart 14.81 2021
Keaton, Carson 18.18 2021
Legere, Ryan 35.71 2021
Mahaffey, Andrew 18.52 2022
Manis, Ryan 3.8 2022
Mann, Jake 67.74 2022
McCann, Alex 2023
McCarter, Kade 2023
McLaughlin, Alex 33.77 2021
McLaughlin, Everett 24.71 2021
Meddings, Carson 25.81 2022
Merchant, Nathan 19.78 2022
Miller, Joe 55.7 2022
Mills, Grant 2024 – 2026
Moser, Caleb 9.09 2023
O’Brien, Dominic 6.12 2021
Rager, Logan 17.86 2022
Richards, Brandon 16.67 2020 – JC
Roy, Slade 9.57 2021
Royston, Caleb 3.3 2022
Sayer, Jake 16.67 2020 – JC
Seets, Colin 3.23 2022
Sharpe, Weston 13.14 2023
Swennumson, Conor 16.13 2021
Tomberlin, Bridger 2021
Triplett, Spencer 32.91 2020 – JC
Turner, Austin 31.03 2021
Walker, Will 6.59 2021
Ward, Jonathan 19.35 2022
Watkins, Samuel 9.68 2021
Watson, Holton 3.13 2021
Whatley ,Sims 15.63 2021
Wheless, Ben 18.29 2021
Wilson, Jamie 3.41 2021
Young, Ryan 10.34 2021


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