Rubio Long Snapping Recap: Fall New Jersey Camp (10/13/19)

Road to VEGAS XXXV continues for Rubio Long Snapping!

SECOND STOP: Holmdel, NJ on October 13th, 2019.

This Fall camp season is LOADED with talent.  Rubio Long Snapping will traveling all over the country see it with stops in North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, California, Texas, Georgia, Northern California, Arizona, and Illinois.  Of course, each Fall camp lays the path to complete the road to VEGAS XXXV (January 18 & 19)! For the first time ever, the All-American Bowl Long Snappers will be selected at this Vegas Event! ‬Thanks to our partnership with FBU and the ALL-AMERICAN BOWL Long Snappers from all over the world will head to Vegas to earn their spot! ‬

Long Snappers from NJ, PA, MA, CT, VA, NY, OH and DE all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was phenomenal with amazing effort from the Long Snappers and participation from the parents from start to finish.

The CAMP CHAMPION was Logan Rager (NJ,’22). 

Logan was excellent all day with great speed and consistency. He is the #1 Long Snapper in the 2022 class and continued to show why from start to finish. He is starting to become more mature and confident with his abilities, cannot wait to see him develop over the coming years.  The Speed Champion was Rino Monteforte (NY,’22).

To see all of the YouTube videos from the New Jersey Fall Camp, please go HERE

The finals round matchups were Rino Monteforte (34.88), Logan Rager (24.42), Zach Taylor (24.14), Caleb Hoffman (21.00), Brandon Richards (20.22) and Ryan Legere (20.00).



















Top 2019 and 2020 Long Snappers

Brandon Richards followed up his strong showing at the NC regional camp last week with another good showing at the NJ regional camp this weekend. An athletic and well-built long snapper, he has grown to be very accurate and snaps a quick ball in the low 8s and high 7s. Really like what he has developed into throughout the years.

Elio Siragusa continues to impress with his long snapping. He snaps a very tight and consistent ball and really honed in on his accuracy as of late. Great size and showed some great things during the agility drill.

Sam Doughty put on another consistent and solid performance at the NJ Fall regional camp. Big, athletic long snapper who very rarely misses when it comes to accuracy. His speed is very consistent in the high 7s and low 8s thanks do his quick hands and great form. Great attitude and work ethic.

Justin Peterson is a very well built, strong long snapper that showed great athleticism during the agility drill. Very upbeat and coachable during the whole camp. His form is very solid and when he is on, he can compete neck and neck with the best of the camp.

Scott Fries showed a lot of great things at the camp, snapping very accurate and tight spirals all day. Athletic as anyone there, small refinement on his form and keeping his weight back will elevate him to the next level.

Cody White was the most coachable and eager snapper at the NJ camp. His improvement throughout the day was second to none. Tons of potential and upside to pair along with an amazing attitude.


Top 2021 Long Snappers

Zack Taylor continues to be the perfect example of consistency at these Rubio Long Snapping camps. Very rarely misses, snaps a very quick and tight spiral, and is always in the contention in both the speed and overall competition. I can’t remember a camp within the past couple years where he isn’t in the finals or one of last men standing for the speed competition. Very excited to see what the next two years has in store for him!

Patrick Coyle really impressed throughout the day. His balls are very, very quick and come with a great spiral and accuracy. Continues to improve every time I see him. On a great trajectory and will be a force to reckon with very soon.

Ryan Leger had a great camp, making it all the way to the finals and losing in a very competitive round to Logan Rager. Ryan was throwing quick and accurate balls all day and his catchability is off the chart. Very bright future ahead of Ryan!

Owen Labosky put on another great display at the NJ regional camp, snapping very consistent and tight spirals throughout the day. Very confident and reserved snapper. Would love to see him keep his weight back to get more power on the ball.

Anthony Zaccaro improved a great amount since his last camp. Very eager and positive long snapper with a great frame and size. When he is on, he snaps with the best of his class, just need to see him develop a bit more consistency to get there.

Paul Joseph Meyers has improved a tremendous amount since his first camp with Rubio Long Snapping. A massive long snapper with a great frame who continues to lock in on his consistency and speed. He has a long body to work with so getting it all synced up is tough, but he is up for the challenge and is very close to having everything click.

Really liked what AJ Delgado did at the NJ Regional camp. A very athletic long snapper who has some refinement to do on his form, but is already snapping quick, catchable and tight spirals. He is already good, and continued focus and refinement on his form will make him great. Excited to see his improvement at the next event!

Caleb Hoffman is a very big and smooth snapper who has improved greatly since his first Rubio Long Snapping camp. Ball is very tight and the catchability is off the charts. Once he gets his long legs synced up with his full snapping motion, he will be very dangerous.

Thomas Lee showed a lot of potential and upside throughout the day. Ball is very quick and comes with a great spiral. Some tweaks to his form will help with his consistency and accuracy, but with his upbeat attitude and know he will put in the work!

Nichola Schreiber showed a lot of raw talent and abilities throughout the day. Big and strong long snapper with a frame that can easily carry more weight. Some focused work on his form and getting his eyes through and weight back will really sky rocket him to the next level and make him very competitive with some of the top snappers in his class.

Joseph Ravelo had a lot of bright spots during the NJ Fall camp. Form continues to improve every time I see him. He uses his long frame well and can easily add more muscle. Consistent location and accuracy stemming from his quick hands. Would like to see him add his legs more and really put some oomph behind the ball!

Conor Montgomery showed a lot of great progress and improvement throughout the day. Some very small adjustments with his form will help him add speed to his snap. His accuracy and consistency is strong at this point, and continued work and effort will tie everything together in no time.

Nathaniel Mosey is a big, strong long snapper who can really muscle the ball back to the punter well. Continued work on his form and adapting everything from the drill work taught at the camp will help take his abilities to the next level. Athletically he is there, just continued time and development will be key.

Lucas Vereb is a big, strong long snapper who has a ton of potential and upside. When he focuses on his form and uses his size and strength together, his ball jumps back to the punter and hits in the Rubio Zone. Would love to see him develop consistency and have this happen every rep!

Top 2022 Long Snappers

Logan Rager was not only the camp champion but stood out from all the other athletes throughout the day. Extremely catchable ball with great consistency with speed and accuracy. To top it off he is very athletic and has a frame to carry more muscle as he grows older.

Rino Monteforte was absolutely ripping the ball back the whole day, winning the speed competition and was the top seed of the overall bracket. Extremely impressive all day and boosts a ton of confidence and upbeat attitude.

Doug Sabol had a great showing at the camp. He has shown a great deal of improvement in a short period of time. When he is on he is a very competitive long snapper with others in his class. Consistency will be key for him but know with his attitude he will put in the work to be great!

Joseph Taikina really impressed throughout the day. He has noticeably improved and snaps a very tight and catchable ball. His speed has gotten better, dipping into the low 8s and even hitting the high 7s when he really lets it go. Confident snapper who has a ton of upside.

Really like everything Sammy El Haididi did at the NJ Fall regional camp. Continues to grow and has developed a great frame with the ability to add more weight easily. Very athletic and crushed the agility drill. His spiral is very tight and his accuracy is improving every time I see him.

If there was a most improved award for a camp it would go to Anthony Mennona. Anthony has been coming to Rubio Long Snapping camps for multiple years now and he is night and day different from when he first started to now. Continues to grow strength and develop his flexibility and form. Excited to see him continue on the trajectory he is on!

Nathan Ickes is a big, strong long snapper who has a ton of upside. Some slight adjustments to his form and continued development with his flexibility will pay off huge for him. Already has a great base and can take his abilities to the next level very quickly!

Nicholas Neu showed a lot of upside at the camp. Tall, long athlete with a lot of potential. If he slows down and focuses on the drill work and his flexibility he will improve over night.

Top 2024 and Beyond Long Snappers

Andrew Dufault really loved what Andrew showed at the NJ regional camp. Already has great size and frame for his age and shows incredible upside and potential. He already snaps competitively with others older than him. Sky is the limit and cannot wait to see his continued development throughout the years!

Joe Bogle showed a ton of improvement throughout the day. A young snapper who has a great frame to grow into. His form is already very strong and he snaps a very good ball.

Dominic Daliz is a big, strong long snapper who showed a lot of potential. When he slowed down and focused on adapting the form/drill work into his snap, it was noticeably different than how he came into the camp. Great attitude and know he will put in the work to be great!

Billy Davis showed great commitment and work ethic coming out to a camp at his age (12!!). Along with this eagerness to improve, his form is phenomenal for how young he is. With him being this young, I want to see him continue to focus on his form while he adds muscle and weight.



As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the New Jersey Fall Camp…..

Bogle, Joe 9 2024 – 2026
Coyle, Patrick 13.33 2021
Daliz, Dominic 3 2024 – 2026
Delgado, A.J. 6.19 2021
Doughty, Sam 8.96 2020 – JC
Dufault, Andrew 3.03 2024 – 2026
El Hadidi, Sammy 9 2022
Fries, Scott 6 2020 – JC
Hofmann, Caleb 21.65 2021
Ickes, Nathan 9.28 2022
Labosky, Owen 3 2021
Lee, Thomas 3.06 2021
Legere, Ryan 20 2021
Mennona, Anthony 6 2022
Meyers, Paul Joseph 12.77 2021
Monteforte, Rino 34.88 2022
Montgomery, Connor 12.9 2021
Mosey, Nathaniel 12.24 2021
Neu, Nicholas 0 2022
Peterson, Justin 18.37 2020 – JC
Rager, Logan 24.42 2022
Ravelo, Joseph 3 2021
Richards, Brandon 20.22 2020 – JC
Sabol, Douglas 6.12 2022
Schreiber, Nicholas 12.5 2021
Siragusa, Elio 0 2020 – JC
Taikina, Joseph 3.03 2022
Taylor, Zack 24.14 2021
Vereb, Lucas 3.06 2021
White, Cody 0 2020 – JC
Zaccaro, Anthony 15.46 2021
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