Rubio Long Snapping Recap: Texas Fall Camp (11/17/2019)

Road to VEGAS XXXV continues for Rubio Long Snapping!

FIFTH STOP: Hurst, TX on November 17th, 2019. This Fall camp season has been fantastic so far and loaded with talent.  Rubio Long Snapping has traveled all over the country with stops in North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, California, Texas.  Coming up next is Georgia, Northern California, Arizona, and Illinois.  Of course, each Fall camp lays the path to complete the road to VEGAS XXXV (January 18 & 19)! For the first time ever, the All-American Bowl Long Snappers will be selected at this Vegas Event! ‬Thanks to our partnership with FBU and the ALL-AMERICAN BOWL Long Snappers from all over the world will head to Vegas to earn their spot! ‬

Long Snappers from AR, CO, LA, MO, MS, OK, SC, TN, TX & VA all traveled to L.D. Bell High School in Hurst, TX to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp had a massive turnout and we had great conditions since we were indoors!

The Camp Champion was Kaleb Halfmann (TX, 20). The Speed Champion was Ethan Lane (TX, 20).

To see all of the YouTube videos from the Texas Fall Camp, please go HERE

You can see the full finals video below….

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the California Fall Camp…..
Able, Connor 21 50
Anderson, Luke 21 6.82
Angel, Ethan 22 9.89
Ardemagni, Alex 22 16.67
Baker, Trent 24 13.79
Barron, Preston 20 9.28
Benjamin, James 23 0
Bergeron, John 20 21.62
Bice, Brayden 21 13.64
Bourque, Phillip 20 14.47
Branch, Beau 20 18.06
Burdette, Batton 22 3.61
Byrne, Luke 21 18.52
Caillier, Jarett 20 0
Cheveallier, Daniel 25 10.98
Cortez, Connor 23 0
Eden, Reed 21 17.44
Ehrlich, Osker 22 18.07
Eldridge, Jake 23 29.63
Fatti, Caleb 22 14.12
Forrest, Benjamin 24 25.32
Gensemer, Grant 21 25.64
Gottsegen, Eliot 21 50.67
Halfmann, Kaleb 20 48.1
Jarrell, Drew 23 3.23
Kirkpatrick, John 20 3.8
LaCaze, Brayden 23 3.03
Lane, Greg 20 26.39
Lane, Jaydee 27 0
Lasagna, Tyler 21 0
Magee, Briggs 22 22.08
Mahaffey, Andrew 22 13.95
McCartin, Jay 21 0
McIntosh, Reece 20 29.69
Mock, Caleb 21 9.78
Moody, Cooper 21 9.68
Moore, Asa 22 16.85
O’Krongley, Tyler 24 0
Penn, Valen 20 33.33
Pierce, Oden 21 29.27
Quigley, Michael 21 14.46
Reddell, Cory 22 6.12
Reeves, Ethan 21 9.47
Rhodes, Byron 21 59.72
Roberts, John Luke 20 29.73
Sarils, Preston 21 14.29
Scherer, Daniel 21 7.32
Smith, Klayton 23 10.11
Steffen, Grant 21 21.79
Stricker, Zach 21 14.12
Stringfellow, Dale 22 12.9
Torres-Whitmer, Micah 20 3.66
Tullier, Aaron 20 13.92
Tyson, David 22 29.27
Van Heijningen, David 22 0
Villasana, Alan 23 0
Wade, Brendan 23 6.06
Waller, Zach 21 10.84





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