Rubio Long Snapping Recap: Arizona Fall Camp (12/8/2019)

Road to VEGAS XXXV continues for Rubio Long Snapping!

SEVENTH STOP: Gilbert, AZ on December 8th, 2019. The Fall camp season is coming to an end, but has been fantastic so far and loaded with talent.  Rubio Long Snapping has traveled all over the country with stops in North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, California, Texas, Georgia, Northern California, Arizona, and Illinois.  Of course, each Fall camp lays the path to complete the road to VEGAS XXXV (January 18 & 19)! For the first time ever, the All-American Bowl Long Snappers will be selected at this Vegas Event! ‬Thanks to our partnership with FBU and the ALL-AMERICAN BOWL Long Snappers from all over the world will head to Vegas to earn their spot! ‬

Long Snappers from AZ, CA, CO & ID all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was phenomenal with amazing effort from the Long Snappers and participation from the parents from start to finish.

The champion of the camp was Bryce Smithson! Bryce got better as the day went on and finish the competition round very strong, advancing from the #6 seed to winning the whole thing! Very smooth ball and he is very athletic with a great frame to easily add weight; cannot wait to see him develop over the coming years.

The finals round matchups were Logan MacGregor (21.69), AJ Dutchover (18.92), Drew Nicholson (13.04), Chris Kent (13.04), Tate Singleton (10.11) and Bryce Smithson (10.11).

Top 2020 Long Snappers

Logan MacGregor was the speed champion, scored the highest RSI and was in the finals of the overall competition. Very big and strong Long Snapper who had a dominant performance all day. Quick and accurate ball with great athleticism to go with it.

Bryce Smithson was the overall camp champion coming all the way back from being the #6 seed to come out on top. Very long, smooth and athletic snapper. Frame can easily add more weight and still move as well as he does.

Top 2021 Long Snappers

Chris Kent continued to show why he is one of the top snappers in his class. Big long snapper with great form and quick ball. Absolutely rips the ball back and when he is on, can easily compete with anyone in his class.

Tate Singleton was consistent all day both with great snaps and a ton of positive energy throughout. Great form and his ball really jumps back to you. Some small adjustments to his stance and form and he is going to be special.

Stephen Louis showed a lot of improvement and made great strides throughout the day. Really liked all the things he was picking up from the instruction and adapting to his snapping real time.

Top 2022 Long Snappers

Drew Nicolson had a very productive day and made a ton of improvement in a short amount of time. Beyond athletic Long Snapper with a great build to him. Showed flashes of brilliance and once he is able to put it all together will be a force.

Tyler Wigglesworth my have had the best form out of everyone at the camp. Extremely sound fundamentally and with some added muscle and weight will be a well known name in this class.

Top 2023 Long Snappers

Keane Bessert traveled in from Colorado for the camp and the trip was well worth his while. He showed great form and improvement throughout. Very eager and hungry to learn; expect greatness from him in the future.

AJ Duchover had a very productive day, making a lot of improvement and picking up a lot of great information and drills that he started applying real time on the field. Great attitude and a joy to be around.

To see all of the YouTube videos from the Arizona Fall Camp, please go HERE

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the Arizona Fall Camp…
Dutchover, AJ            18.92 2023
Kent, Chris            13.04 2021
Louis, Stephen               5.71 2021
MacGregor, Logan            21.69 2020 – JC
Nicolson, Drew            13.04 2022
Singleton, Tate            10.11 2021
Smithson, Bryce            10.11 2020 – JC
Wigglesworth, Tyler               6.00 2022
Bessert, Keane               5.83 2023




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