Happy Birthday Macaw!

Who is Macaw? Macaw is my grandmother and today she is turning 97 years old and I just had to give her a shoutout as she is a true legend……and one of the meanest people you will ever meet:)

This is from the first blog I wrote about my family (obviously three years ago)…

Macaw – My grandmother. She is 94. I think. She thinks. Anytime you ask her she bumps it  up simply to be the oldest person around. She hates when she is not the oldest. I always try to point out someone that looks older and tell her they are older (I don’t even know the person, just do it to keep her fired up). She then proceeds to hit me with her cane….which she really doesn’t need and only uses it for abusing her grandson…me:) Yet again, I embrace since hitting me with it keeps her spry.