Recap of the Midwest Fall Camp (12/9/18)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to the Midwest on December 9th, 2018 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this fall with stops in NC, NJ, WA, CA, TX, GA, AZ, IL with everything leading into the biggest and best Long Snapping event in the world, VEGAS XXXIII in January!

Zach Scheffler, Rubio and Thomas Petersen

Long Snappers from OH, LA, IA, MO, CA, IN, KY, WI, NC all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The champion of the camp was Zach Scheffler! Zach got hot at the right time and rode the heat into the champions circle. Strong bodied Long Snapper with good power and solid starting form. Handles pressure well and was very accurate all day long!

The overall speed champion was Thomas Petersen. He is a large Long Snapper with great power that was absolutely ripping the ball back to the punter. Snaps were consistently sub .75 and all in the Rubio Zone. Large enough player to play two spots in college!

To see all of the YouTube videos from the Midwest Camp, please go HERE

The finals round matchups were Zach Scheffler, Andrew Gorman, Byron Floyd, Caden Bolz, WIll Halkyard, and Ben Wheless.  You can see the full finals video below….





As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the Midwest Camp…..

Akers, Kyle 21  18.07
Anderson, Jacob 21  21.18
Bader, Reece 19  21.95
Bastuga, Mick 20  14.29
Beattie, Brendan 19  34.21
Bennett, Alex 22    6.25
Bergeron, John 20    3.30
Bergfeld, Ben 21        –
Bolach, Spencer 20  16.13
Bolz, Caden 19    38.36
Cramer, Payton 20  21.92
Cronin, Michael 19    3.70
Davidson, Toby 20  10.59
Del Alcazar, Tony 22        –
Donati, Brock 21        –
Duff, Jonathan 20        –
Felt, Bryce 20  29.73
Finke, Kenny 21    9.68
Florentine, Michael 21  14.29
Floyd, Byron 20    38.36
Gaines, Cameron 22    7.32
George, Brad 19  33.78
Gorman, Andrew 20    40.51
Halkyard, Will 20    35.71
Hall, Aidan 19  12.00
Hatfield, Isaac 21        –
Hayse, Isaiah 21  21.52
Hosford, Luke 19  18.42
Imrem, Kuper 19  21.92
Johnson, Kye 20  14.10
Kerns, Brennen 21  14.29
Kuczynski, Brett 21  17.86
Lantz, Kyle 19    6.25
Lapean, Connor 22    9.68
Larson, Alistair 22    3.45
Magee, Brigss 22        –
Marx, Jackson 21        –
Mayer, Jackson 25        –
Mcguire, Tim 20        –
Michos, Niko 23        –
Mueller, Jaden 20  21.52
Mutchler, Jakob 20  12.63
O’Brien, Triston 21        –
O’Connor, Kyle 20  10.59
O’Keefe, Tom 20    9.89
Perry, Clay 20  18.52
Peterson, Thomas 19        –
Porter, Christian 20    6.59
Pratt, Ben 21    3.30
Richards, Brandon 20  10.71
Saar, Kevin 20        –
Scheffler, Zachary 20    41.25
Schmelter, Jackson 21    7.06
Sink, KC 21    3.26
Smith, Jesse 20  21.79
Stein, Elijah 22    3.37
Swartout, Griffin 21        –
Tarr, Gregory 20  21.79
Vaccarella, Kyle 21  15.00
Walker, Nick 21  17.72
Webb, Hank 20  13.64
Wheless, Ben 21    34.88
Wiesbrook, Samuel 19  26.39

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