ASK RUBIO – Comfort after overeating, my days as a teacher, snapping Damon?!?!?

Dear Rubio….

the holiday season is upon us, and there will  be an abundance of eating. Do you recommend a recliner or a couch after the second helping?


Personally, I have to go with couch. If one really does some damage at the table, a chair (recliner or not) won’t suffice. I like to have the option of leaning right into a full lay to a pass out and a couch is the only thing that can make that happen!


Dear Rubio…

When did you decide you wanted to be a history school teacher?  After almost 6 years of teaching history was it a difficult decision to stop teaching school?
-East Coast Hair

East Coast Hair…
When I was in the 3rd grade, I knew I would be a teacher. I have many family members that are teachers so it was very familiar to me. I loved teaching (majority of teaching time was with 6th graders) because to me, it was a lot like telling stories. As long as I could get the kids to remember the stories (the history), I would be doing my job. There is a lot about this aspect of my life in the movie RUBIO.

It was VERY hard to leave teaching. VERY, VERY hard. I went from a “sure thing” in teaching to “I really hope this works out” in Long Snapping. I think it worked out well:)


Dear Rubio…

“Have you ever long snapped Damon Dale Rubio into bed?”
-The Wookie Parent

Wookie Parent…
One simply does not snap Damon. He snaps them. Usually, he is what I would describe as the Tasmanian Devil hopped up on a gallon of Red Bull as we approach bed time. Jolie and I try to get him down and close the door before he starts spinning out of control and takes us out. On that note, if I was to snap Damon, it would be a pearl:)


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