ASK RUBIO “I have been dating this girl for a year and….”

Dear Rubio….

I have been dating this girl for a year and I think I am done with it all. Big issue is she gets along with my family and they get along with her. Plus, she is really pretty. Any advice?
– Southern Long Snapper


Southern Long Snapper…

GET RID OF HER. She probably feels the same way you do so you’ll be doing both of you a favor. You will just be the brave one that actually steps up to the plate and does something about it. Plus, your parents have been there, done that and most likely can tell you two don’t like each other. Seriously, focus up… in case you forgot, they (your parents) were once teenagers as well. They know a tad more than you think. Odds are they know what you are thinking before the thought even starts to formulate in your head.

Listen, I have no problem with my Long Snappers having girlfriends but you have to really grasp the bottom line with these type of things. If you are done with the whole process, get out while you can. October through March is a real game changer in a relationship. You do not want to be with someone during that time unless you are really dedicated to them. Here is what I have been telling my Long Snappers for the last decade during this time of the year: If you are going to get out, get out now. You don’t want to have to fake it through a ton of holidays in the next couple of months. Think about it: Thanksgiving (filled with family time that you have to be at with her), Christmas (tons of time and you have to get her a gift), New Year’s Eve (the inevitable party with friends where odds are you would rather hang with your buddies) and, gulp, Valentine’s Day (always gotta be creative AND it will cost you some substantial coin). Be free and solo until around March. No major holidays for awhile then and if you want an out after awhile, you can always blame the summer time since you will be busy with camps.

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