Happy Ranksgiving to the Class of 2015 Long Snappers

The rankings are completed for ALL  2015 Long Snappers that participated in the Rubio Long Snapping fall Camp in IL.

Long Snappers came in from MA, MI, KY, IN, OH, CA, IA, TN, WI, NE, KY, NJ and, of course, IL to learn from the best and get the most exposure possible for Long Snappers.

Next ranking opportunity will be in NC on November 22GA on November 23rd and at VEGAS XXV.

Urbach, Chase

Chase Urbach

This class of Long Snappers is beyond strong and VEGAS should be an absolute battle.

  • The best 2015 Long Snapper at the camp was Chase Urbach. Chase was throwing back a glorious ball all day with times dipping into the .7s. Very athletic Long Snapper with tons of upside.
  • Hayden Sak easily passes the eye ball test and finished the day very strong.
  • Jake Knight was the winner of the camp with his excellent accuracy and smooth snap.
  • Zach Wood is a strong Long Snapper that might be the smoothest in the country.
  • Owen Gilbert is flat out just a solid Long Snapper with tons of potential.
  • Hunter Varga is fantastic when he just lets the ball rip out of his hands.
  • Jackson Mahorney has excellent balance and built thick.
  • Brendan Lowery is a smooth and accurate Long Snapper that rarely misses.

Notables: Tyler Gilliam, Mike Curry, Hunter Drzik and Colin Caflisch


  • My rankings are NOT done just from The Rubio Target
  • My rankings are NOT done from some mathematical formula.
  • My rankings ARE done by me and only me. That is why they take a good amount of time. (Think of it this way, it takes MONTHS to build a Rolls Royce but only hours to build an average car)
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
  • If you would like anything added to your profile page, simply email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) the information and consider it done.
  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

A Long Snapper has the ability to adjust their ranking anytime I see them LIVE, not on video.

For the rankings section, simply go to RubioLongSnapping.com  rollover PLAYER RANKINGS, rollover which CLASS you are looking for, click that CLASS, click LONG SNAPPERS and find your name.

Be sure to check out the amazing recap video below from the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in IL.