ASK RUBIO “My coach just….”

Dear Rubio….

My coach just took another job at a bigger school. What do I do now?
-Angry Long Snapper

Angry Long Snapper…
I have actually answered this question a couple times recently due to coaches leaving or being fired. Bottom line, just go out and do your job. It most likely will happen again in other positions. The coaching change will not impact how you snap the ball. That is what is most important: how you snap the ball to enable your team to win. You chose the school, not the coach. If you did choose the school based on the coach, you have obviously NOT been paying attention to what Sailer and I have been saying for years.




Dear Rubio….

I have recently committed to snap for a coach that could possibly be leaving the University after this season. He wants to take me with him to the bigger college and snap over there. The problem is that although the current school is a HBCU I feel like I would feel more at home and do better with my studies there instead of the bigger school.

-Snapper From the Deep South

Snapper From the Deep South….
Stay with your commitment. The coach wants you to go to make his job easier. If you go with him, he won’t have to start from scratch and recruit another Long Snapper. He knows you are good and will do a solid job…that is why he recruited you.

I always say, pick a school that you can see yourself being happy at IF you weren’t playing football. You will have a lot of downtime in the off-season and if you aren’t happy, you will want to transfer and that RARELY works out. Stay with the smaller school.
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