Recap Article and Video of the 12th Annual Spring Event in Las Vegas

Long Snappers came out on May 10-11 to attend the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in Las Vegas from from over half of the USA to get the best  Long Snapping instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field on Satuday with competition on Sunday. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

The overall winner of the camp was Jordan Ober (NV, ’15). Ober was exceptional all weekend in Vegas. The hometown hero snapped a great, accurate ball throughout the two days. He is snapping with confidence and dips into the D1 range. Incredible accuracy and has been improving a great amount in a very short amount of time. Excellent attitude.

The 12 Long Snappers that made the finals round on Sunday due to their exceptional RSI (Rubio Standard Index – score divided by speed with bonus points for more speed) were….Jordan Ober, AJ Carty, George Madden, Grant Gluhaich, Jake Knight, Tommy Bancroft, Liam McCullough, John Aloma, Harrison Goebel, Darren Diffee, Logan Hamilton & Michael Poujol. All were great but Ober just outlasted them all.

TOP 2014/JC Long Snappers (to see any profiles, simply go to under Player Rankings)….


  • Wesley Bertoni looked exceptional all weekend. Body is strong and his form is perfect. AMAZING improvement in the last year
  • Cody Block did extremely well over the weekend in Vegas. He is transfer from Nevada and looks to being easily able to snap at the next level. The harder he snaps, the better he does.
  • Nick Avantino was snapping hard all weekend and moves well on his feet. Great attitude.
  • Elijah Richardson was throwing heat in Vegas and is built very well. Strong Long Snapper with a ton of upside.
  • Bobby Daggett looked poised and confident. Coming along very nicely.
  • Nathan Lucas looked very smooth and accurate all weekend in Vegas.

TOP 2015 Long Snappers (to see any profiles, simply go to under Player Rankings)…

  • Blake Ferguson continues to dominate the art of Long Snapping. He looks like a full grown man and is snapping like one as well. Ball is very smooth, accurate and fast. Said it once and I will say it again, LSU got lucky grabbing him early.
  • Liam McCullough made it into the finals against Ober and could have easily taken the title. Kid is massive and snaps a nice ball that jumps out at you. Four scholarships and counting…and all well deserved.
  • Garrett Wilson  has been putting on some very good weight and that has helped him snapping immensely. Kid is on fire and was performing so well, I invited him to the Event Elite, right on the spot.
  • Ryan Simmons is another Long Snapper that was so impressive that he was selected to Event Elite right on the spot. Great accuracy and was snapping hard all weekend.
  • AJ Carty was ripping the ball back to the punter and snapping the ball with a ton of confidence.
  • Grant Gluhaich was ON FIRE all weekend in Vegas. Kid can snap as anyone in the country…easily. The bigger he gets, the better he will be.
  • Wes Farnsworth is as athletic a Long Snapper as you could ever hope for in life. Kid flies like the wind and rips the ball back to the punter.
  • George Madden is built like a college linebacker and snaps like a college Long Snapper.
  • Nick Cox performed very well and was excellent for his first Rubio Long Snapping camp.
  • Michael Poujol might have the most upside of any Long Snapper in the country.

Other notable 2015 Long Snappers…Tommy Bancroft, Marco Cadavieco, Peter Comaroto, Darren Diffee, Ryan Farr, Matt Foley, Harrison Goebel, Caleb Hendrix, Logan Hamilton, Matt Keller, Jake Knight, Brendan Lowery, Chris Lutzel,  Chaska Moon, Ryan Parris, Hayden Sak, Chase Urbach, Richard Wilcox and Hunter Womac.

Top 2016 Long Snappers  (to see any profiles, simply go to under Player Rankings)…

  • John Shannon, yet again, separated himself as a man amongst boys with his overall ability at the Vegas Event. He easily snaps at the D1 level right now and looks ripe to get a scholarship soon.
  • John Aloma was the only sophomore to make it to the finals round and it was well deserved. He came to Vegas with a strong mindset and really dominated from start to finish.
  • Harrison Freeman is a massive man with the most potential in his class. Kid could jump and take the top spot soon.
  • Johnny Den Bleyker could be the most athletic Long Snapper in his class. Tons of talent on this Long Snapper.
  • Connor Kirkegaard was excellent all weekend in Vegas. He is starting to snap with a lot of confidence. The more consistent he gets, the better he will be.
  • Donald Reiter was really solid in Vegas. Large man that is strong and does a great job on his spiral. Love his attitude.

Other notable 2016 Long Snappers…Geron Eatherly, Damon Johnson, Jake Munoz, Anthony Ratliff, Koby Walsh and Steven Wirtel.

Top 2017/2018 Long Snappers  (to see any profiles, simply go to under Player Rankings)….

  • Mitch Hall looked great, as always, out in Vegas. It is like he is older and snapping with youngsters. Very good form and attitude.
  • Shiloh Mast has a wonderful attitude and just rips the ball back to the punter. Very impressive pop for his age.
  • Thomas Fletcher is coming along very nicely with solid form and a laid back attitude. All the tools to be a great one. Size will be next hurdle for him.
  • Nate Durham is gaining confidence and he is snapping well. Watch him

Other notable 2017/2018 Long Snappers: Joe Calcagno, Javier King, Caleb Lawver, Dan Cantrell, Colin Scott and Enzo Anthony.

Rubio Long Snapping will next travel to Seattle, WA (May 16-17) for their FBU Camp. After that, several more Rubio Long Snapping camps will be coming up and can be seen at

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