ASK RUBIO – The Big Lebowski and Music

Dear Rubio….

In the movie The Big Lebowski. If “the Dude”, Walter, and Donnie were the kicker, Long Snapper, and holder.
Who would do what?

I have thought long and hard on this question and I believe The Dude would be the Long Snapper, Donnie would be the holder and Walter would be the kicker. Here is my reasoning…A Long Snapper must be calm and collected, and no one is cooler than The Dude. The Holder has to just kinda fit it, hence Donnie. Kickers are usually little angry man with fits of rage….hello Walter (not little, but definite anger issues).


Dear Rubio…

What are your favorite tunes for workouts, game time, and just listening in general?
– AP in GA

AP in GA….
I listen to A LOT of music. A LOT. Best band for me is Pearl Jam. They are my tops. Next would probably be Michael Bublé. Guy is tremendous. Jolie loves concerts so we do a bunch of those when I have time. Best I have seen were Zac Brown Band, Buble, Pink, Garth Brooks and of course, Pearl Jam. I listen to all for all events. Doesn’t matter.





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